ZSE743 Joining me for Thursday's Twitch Stream


I will have the man, the myth, the legend ZSE743 joining me live during the stream this Thursday 4/14 at 3pm central time to hang out and break down Jam Week 113! It should shake out to be a great time. You won’t want to miss it :slight_smile:




Yea, that’s my birthday maybe I’ll win some premium🍰


I’ll give you an extra special twerk dance for your cake day sir. (Not really, but I’ll give you a shout out haha)


That is awesome, where did you find him?
I think I got a little crush on him… He drives so damn smooth and have a balance that is totally out of this world!


The man love. It’s a beautiful thing. :kiss:


He actually found me. I have been talking back and forth on Twitter with him and we tested a skype call last night. This doesn’t sound right does it Hahahaha. Don’t let my wife see this thread :joy:


It sounds awesome!

And, what’s your wife gonna say… I mean he is the #1 mad skiller out there. Nothing can compete with that :smile:


Yeah… Women don’t give two shits about mad skills.


Truer words were never spoken in my case!!:joy:


It was great to have zse743 on the stream, @OnTheFrontLine tore through this weeks tracks and gave away some premium rounds. Good times!!


I had a freaking blast with ZSE743 today. Will definitely have him on again and even a few others if they are down :slight_smile:



Will def try and catch the next broadcast as well, was really cool seeing you guys go at it!


Im with The Count! I enjoy watching the top player get his ass whooped in Versus and loop out at the Jam tracks :smile: :grin: :heart:


@OnTheFrontLine I meant to tell u that nightbot🤖 would show up in chat with the name of the winner for the premium giveaway like twenty seconds b4 u rolled🤔 Not sure if you can fix it but it kind of takes the fun away from the whole roll for the win thing. O and I accepted your friend request on fb😉


It shows as soon as I roll it. The stream has a delay of about 20-30 seconds :slight_smile:


@Kipketer I’m sorry I can’t keep you entertained. I’d check your times but I hate scrolling down that far :joy:

I’m sitting 108th overall right now :middle_finger:




Yeah, that never happened with the old roll thingy. :triumph: