YZF mad skills team


Hell yeah! Have fun and send me a vs challenge :smirk:


@THR_Birdshaw :point_up_2: this dude can join if ya will… You know the drill

But did you know that switching to Geico could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance?


Lol :joy:


Switching to THR will save you… Well… Nothing I guess


Hi! Can i join YZF as YZF_jonny437


From jonny437 to YZF_jonny437


Yes sir I wonder where that screw… I mean bird Shaw is Jk birdy sorry for all the trouble but could you get this dude changed and there was a guy up top too


Also send me a versus challenge username is same as here


Im doing it after school


i ride yamaha in real life,how do i join


You can join! All you gotta do is send me a versus challenge, not be with all the team drama and I’ll kindly ask my main man @THR_Birdshaw to change your name just let us know what your in-game name is and what you would like it to be. Have fun. :v::+1:


I like this :muscle: YZF team representing


Hey man i see you have stranger things 1 so can you show me what the top left rider looks like on stranger things 1 so if u can equip it on to your rider so I can see it I would really appreciate it thanks


Yeah got it just let me know what you wanna see, personally I think it was a waste of money though but if you like the outfits its pretty cool


Yea I bought the pack 2 and yea it’s a waste of money