YZF mad skills team


Also do you want him to change your Ktm account name to something else and then add YZF?


YZF_ktm562. Lol that would be weird.


Um change it to YZF_Racerx562


The blucru account is already changed thx now change the ktm562 to YZF_Racerx562




Hey sorry guys I just realized that the Lyn account is on my old phone my other account is Broc562 so I would like it to be YZF_Broc562 thx!


My blucru account is bike 6 or 7 and my bro account is bike 11.




Broc not bro


Yo yo yo jlarue4 here just joined on my moms phone


jarlmegk in game name to YZF_jarlmegk please


Hey I would like my other account Broc562 to be YZF_Broc562 plz @THR_Birdshaw


@YZF_JLaRue4 hey were u ever a part of THR?


Hey @YZF_JLaRue4 sorry man but I’m going to join THR on my good account but I will stay YZF on my phone account if u don’t mind.


I was never thr but its a great team man go ahead and join it!! Have fun! And hey send me a vs challenge so we can have some fun races and stay in touch!


Ok but blucru will stay in YZF.


He’s already on YZF, he was an original, my friend but thanks @THR_KingT72


Dude what about @Blucru562


My in-game name is YZF_Blucru562


Hi, can i join this team. If so change my name from solmejk to YZF_Solmejk