YG_DJAuzzi livestream


Hey guys!! YG_DJAuzzi here, I’m going live on twitch in a few minutes :fire: going to stream some live gameplay of me playing if ya’ll wanna join :heavy_check_mark:@OnTheFrontLine has helped me out and i’m going to try to stream every week if you guys wanna see me play :smirk: I’ll post the links below once I start up the stream.


Pumped to watch u play jacuzzi, kill it🔥


Auzzi im coming to talk shit in your chat… Uh i mean watch you! :wink:


Where must go to see you gamble


That’s the same reason I’m coming too lol :smiley:


Just finished, little laggy so i gotta fix that but im gunna go on every week so just follow https://www.twitch.tv/djauzzi ! And you’ll get notified when I go live


Nice job at your first stream man! Just needs a little fine tuning but once you get a bit more experienced with everything it’s gonna be awesome!!! :+1: I’ll come hang out next time again for sure!


I’ll check in next time


awesome, finally :grinning:
already following so i don’t miss the next one, good luck mate :sunglasses:


@YG_DJAuzzi when are you streaming again? :grinning: no pressure just wondering :grinning:


Hopefully beginning of next week!! Got a busy weekend with DJing n everything haha


can u dj my birthday party? i will pay u with in games rockets (lots of them) but u have to come down to winnipeg


DJAuzzi you’re the best


Whatsup everyone, idk if you can all see this but while I’m tryin to get the livestream back up, i made a youtube channel posting videos of me playin jam, cash, and everything else. Just screen recordings. So check it out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5FkCWUNKzKN5itVFTIB38g


Subscribed :+1:


Already subbed :grinning:


I just subscribed man keep it up :+1: @YG_DJAuzzi !


Thanks boys!! Uploading videos a couple times a week


Didnt subscribe, ur too slow buddy :confused: