WVU takes down ISU in Hilton!

Let’s GO, Mountaineers! :slight_smile:

Haha. Boooooo!!

Man, I don’t think I realized that you’re an ISU fan. Did you go to school there?

No, I went to a small school, but most of my family did, and I’ve always been a fan. We never have anything to cheer about in football except sometimes beating Iowa, so I’ve got to take this basketball stuff seriously!

I’m a Marshall grad but still root for WVU as long as they aren’t playing each other haha

Spoken like an ISU fan!

That was a big win for WVU, obviously. Kept us tied in first place with OU, and we’ve now won 4 out of 5 road games, which is important if you’re going to intend for a title in this league. Also our MVP of the season was out ( and will be out for another game), and doing it without him was just huge for us.

You guys just don’t have enough players. It’s very difficult for a team to have five guys play 30+ minutes and beat WVU. We can keep subbing in rested, tough, athletic guys. It’s a lot to ask of six players, to deal with that.

Very true about the depth!

Sorry about the Mountaineers Bryan. But, I’m pretty happy my Cyclones are still in it! Not sure how much further they will get, but it was cool watching the first two games.

Thanks, man – holy hell we were terrible! We deserved that loss, and you guys deserved your wins. Congrats! I hope you keep on winning.