World championship question/request thread


Well done, you go champ lol :metal::metal:



You know ya got the right girl when she loves you and is proud of you for mad skills hahaha

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Jk lol



I told my wife that i was conquering the australian leaderboards and 60th spot worldwide at one point… She told me that i spend too much time playing this game and that i need to grow up. So i exhiled her from my sofa cushion fort. :metal: :sweat_smile:



Man I hate it when people are like “dude stop playing that stupid game”, and then they are on their phone and your just like screw you mad skills is life



Amen. magical Awesomeness is hard to comprehend for some, their loss chap. Great game with an awesome chat room, plenty of loonies whats not to love about Mad skillz, minus the blimmin woops joe likes to put in all his tracks :sob::joy: me and my woop section skillz are like trumps toupeé horrible hahahaha

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Oh man dem whoops the hahah



They just jealous bc they don’t have mad skillz they have bad skillz



hahah been dating my old lady for 4 years and she fuckin hates msmx2 lmao



My wife thinks that It’s great that I’m so good at it. She wants me to start thinking of it as a hobby or sports. And she also thinks i should spend more money on it😂

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Opposite of what I would expect :joy:



Wait you told here you’re good?! You can’t lie man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:



Nice Man youve found the right girl Haha :+1:

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I’ve simply shown her some results and she thinks I’m good. Thats how u do it lads​:joy: And Fuck u Dutchie​:fu: U won’t beat me this week u son of a bitch​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Oh yes! She’s the right one :+1::+1::smiley:

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I love to game, i love the culture my wife doesnt understand the joy and lessons ive learnt through a years and years of gaming, she hates that i love it so i said “When the world is overrun by zombies, aliens or even the return of dragons you’ll come running to me because i know what to do” :joy:. Yeah… turns out our pull out sofa is really comfy haha. She hates it but thats her problem not mine muahahahaha



You nailed it :smile::grin::joy:

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Alright back to that guy who suggested the different classes and age group divisions in the world championship…

  1. You have to remember there is REAL money on the line…

  2. there is a LOT of REAL money on the line.

  3. I’m not sure but you have to be realistic too, like what 12 year old is going to go traveling by themselves over to the world championship, like fair enough there family could go too but I’m not sure everyone’s just going to take time off work, I could be wrong though :blush: Maybe there family gets tickets too I’m not sure :joy:

  4. The way it is now, is the way it should stay, it’s supposed to be hard to get into the top 12 or whatever it was last year to be able to win REAL money…

  5. Like there’s no division 2 in a world championship…
    or vets or div b class, if there was 250cc bikes and 450cc bikes in mad skills motocross 2 then that would be fair enough… but there isn’t haha. :thinking:

  6. Im only guessing here but they would like the people to actually be of an age where they actually have a decent amount of maturity because after all there is going to be a fair few people watching you from all over the world.

7 my suggestion to you guys who want there to be divisions and different classes,

There’s a thing called CASH JAM, where you can actually win a fair amount of money and there are different divisions so you can choose which is the best div for you… if you know what I mean :speak_no_evil::wink:

  1. Sorry if I offended anyone in this, I didn’t mean to sound like the tough guy, I’m just some Australian putting out his opinion but honestly,

world championship should be hard for a reason, keep it how it is, everyone wants to be able to watch the BEST in the world go at it, not some AVERAGE guys…

  1. Even if you are that AVERAGE guy, doesn’t mean you have to stay being AVERAGE,

If you could take 2 minutes out of your day and check out my YouTube channel that would be sweeeet!

“Holdsworth Productions”

I try and give tips and track tutorials weekly, ohh and cash jam vids,

  1. Hopefully I was aloud to advertise my channel :joy::speak_no_evil:

  2. Thanks for reading if you got this far hahahahaha

  3. Yer It gets boring when your waiting to buy another bike in real life :confused::joy:



@JLaRue4 this is for you and “There are different divisions so you can choose the best… If you know what I mean​:speak_no_evil::wink:” i don’t know what I found so funny, maybe it was saying that and the monkey covering his mouth and smilling. But LMAO!!! It reminded me of some little girls talking about a cute boy and an episode of impractical jokers of you have seen it before​:joy::joy::joy: it might not be funny to y’all but whatever

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Hahaha glad you found it funny :joy:

Wasn’t trying to be too harsh just wasn’t for the idea of different division in world championship that’s all :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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