World championship question/request thread

Okay so I was wondering if next world championship could also have a 16 and under age group that would be :ok_hand:

What do you guys think about this? Do you have any suggestions or question?

Could this be possible?

How is that gonna make it any better though? Like not trying to be a dick or anything but that’s just giving the 16 and under players a much easier job to make it in :thinking: they just need to qualify like everyone else to make it in in my opinion :slight_smile:


Tru dat! Allthough if there is an agerestriction they should think about maybe lower it to atleast 15.
And while they’re still at it, there should be a veteran WC to, for us not so young​:hugs::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:like me and sycho for instance​:joy:


Well let me give you an example the 16 and under players haven’t and don’t have as much experience as all of you older dudes so sorry and don’t get jealous but so that they don’t get old and still suck at mad skills there should be an opportunity for them, therefore in my opinion there should be a 16 and under championship what hurt could it cost?, it will only help them get better and progress more.

I’m sorry but that may very well be the finest piece of bullshit I’ve heard all day :joy: let me just tell you that

  1. Svendsgard was like 15 or 16 and he was arguably one of the best if not the best player in the game.
    And 2. i have a lot less experience than some other people in my country and i still beat them by a lot every week
    Age and experience is not necessarily the deciding factor man

I just think it would be something new something different and something fun.

I think that would be nice, it would be like racing 250 class and 450 classes :joy::joy:

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Thank you Travis at least somebody understands

For some of the best players that are real young it makes it that much easer. Say last year they placed 8th in the world well if they qualify for the 16 or 15 and under class they got an advantage to win it would be far so race as one world championship and the best player shall win. So I can see both point of views over it

What about top 3 14-16 top 3 17-19 top 3 20-25 top 3 26-50+ lol

They would take so long and so much brackets to run through

I do have a question is there a cetian age to at least get in the world championship

It was 16 last year

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I understand why you think it’s a good idea… I’m just saying the purpose of the world championship is to have the best players in there… The way you say it with age categories that won’t be the case



Dude, just jam the WC with the big boys, if u place high enough you will have heaps and heaps if girlfriends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haha dude my girl was proud of me for being first last week Lol hahaha

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