World Championship Prediction

Hello players,

As it is few hours to the kickoff of the Fist Ever Mad Skills World Championship, predict your top three (or top 5, if you like) among these 12 top freaks

Note: Leonardo3 has been replaced by Kudla77 because of Passport/Visa issues

Let the fun begin!!!

I’ll start:

Top 5

  1. Master52
  2. Sixfootseven
  3. ZSE743

4. SCRUBS (Sirscrubsalot)
5. DJAuzzi

It’s really anyone’s game…I want to say master52/6ft7/ZSE in the top (obviously) but to spice it up I think the runner ups will be really dangerous.
Here is my Most Dangerous top 3 :wink:

DJ Jacuzzi

I cant give you the bottom 3

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Hmm… it’s tough.
I’m on team 52 at the WC but I think the order will be
200 cm (screw freedom units)

On another note I’m still not convinced that @TCR_DJAuzzi_CA is not every single one of the contestants.


That’s an ambitious top 3. I rate SCRUBS and DJAuzzi very highly too.


Fast and good they are all …

  1. Sixfooxseven
  2. Bragstad
  3. ZSE743
  4. Master52
  5. Jcooper19
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  1. Zse
  2. Master52
  3. Bragstad
  4. Sixfootseven
  5. Djauzzi
    Boom top 5!
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Yea, Bragstad is another top opponent due to his Jam exploits, but I’m skeptical on how fast he will be in an hour @THR_KingKnobby

The championship format seems more of a challenge (where you won’t see an opponent’s moves/lines) than a Jam

We will for sure see the best of these guys. I think bragstad will do just fine. Can’t wait to watch it :grin:

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1st : ZSE743
2nd: DJauzzi
3rd: Master52
"Bragstad" is a beast finding best lines track quickly!!:wink:

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This is an inpossible feat… but my pics are

1: Master52
2: Parker111
3: Scrubs
4: ZSE
5: 6ft7
6: DJauzzi

Thats my top six.

Might as well put in my 7-12 too…

7: Jcooper
8: bragstad
9: Bcooper
10: Jgoodin
11: Kudla
12: Solyone


Damn how did I forget about parker111 :joy: he could very well finish in the top 5.

Looks like my picks are looking good :+1:

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well i think

1.- ZSE743
3.- Sixfootseven

4.- DJAuzzi


When is the championship?

It was like months ago :grinning:

Yeah i realized my bad i thought this was new lol

Lmao, you two commenting on this thread put it at the top of my page and I too was like WTF…?

A-holes lol :grinning:

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@Kipketer lock?