***World Championship Helmets***


So I’m confused I know this is old but i just want to know how it worked. did you play jam to qualify 1000 for a helmet and top ten or what ever go to sweeden for the actaul championship or are these two different things? And you could qualify in more than one thing?


334 players from jam got the helmet and 4 went to sweden
250 players from cash jam got the helmet and 3 went to sweden
250 players from daily cash challenges got the helmet and 3 went to sweden
166 players from cash challenges got the helmet and 2 went to sweden

I may have made small mistakes in the numbers… I think this is correct though… And you could qualify in only 1… If you qualified in more than 1 the next player on the list would just be picked for the next category (in order of dailies-cash jam-cash challenges-jam if I’m not mistaken)


Thanks Just wondering it was confusing


Whens the next qualifiers? Not that il make it i just want a cool helmet :grin:


I think it should be once every year so you can see who would be a new podium finisher and you would have to give the helmet to the better person


I don’t think you should give a helmet away every year bc a lot of ppl would have it and it wouldn’t be to cool any more. Maybe a different style helmet each championship, possibly even the year like 16’ 17’…


Well I want here for the championship in kinda new




My jam ranks are about top 100-500 worldwide is that good enough for helmet?


If they do another championship @JLaRue4


We would love to! More news on that soon(ish)! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there ever going to be another world championship because I missed out on the whole thing and would like another chance one day. Fine if you don’t, just wondering


Im pretty sure there will. The last one was in january so I’d think a new one would be around that time aswell.


Alright, sounds good. I’ll probably lose anyways lol


Would be cool if they did like an exclusive top 1000 qualifiers gear instead of a helmet next time :grinning:


I say top 1000 qualifiers get free McDonalds!


so whats the deal? any plans to give top 1000 stuff? I was in there… top 200 week 212… helmet maybe?


Nope…if there is gonna be something it would be top 64 only and even thats not decided yet :sweat_smile:


I wish I could have it :neutral_face:


I hope!