***World Championship Helmets***


is this the helmet? Pretty sure i was top 1000




Jsl199 —> TCR_Jsl199


Should be there now.


I still don’t see the helmet in my store. I averaged my week 141 to 144 and I was 160th overall




Some people won more than one category… May i please have a helmet from one of their winnings as they dont need more than one helmet?? :joy::joy: i cant do cash jams :cry:… Awesome though guys congrats. Whens the next lot of give aways?? Or prize events?




It would be cool if for next years event, the riders all in the top 1000 earn a world championship number that they can run on a special world champs number plate or something. It would have to be the top 999. But, in my opinion that would be nice to have. The top 3 could do like a gold, silver, bronze plate and the rest run a red plate or whatever color you choose. Just an idea. You would have the option to equip your bike with it in the shop just like the helmets and other add on’s.


Do not think this is so bad.
Why top 10000, because I move … 8000 -9000 mostly so.

Then also the not top 1000 driving can have some of it

4.-500 yellow
501-1000 green
1001-5000 Red
5001-1000 Blue
Rest has still white.
Numbers color should also be adjusted …

Finde diese Idee gar nicht mal so schlecht.
Warum nicht Top 10000, da bewege ich mich … 8000 9000 meist so herum.

Dann habe auch die nicht Top 1000 Fahren können etwas davon.

4.-500 Gelb
501-1000 Grün
1001-5000 Rot
5001-1000 Blau
Rest hat weiterhin weiß.
Zahlen Farbe sollte auch angepasst werden …


I like this idea of having multiple different categories and different colors for each of them. Also with top 10000 there would be more players actually trying to battle for the rewards since some of them wouldn’t even try to get top 1000 since they know they wouldn’t make it. And with the different colors the top players would still have like a more exclusive item compared to the top 10000 other colors. The only thing i could really see going wrong with this idea is that cash games and jams have very different ways to measure the leaderboards so that would make it kind of hard to determine who should be in which category.


I like the idea, but look at how long it took for them to award everyone lol. I don’t think they realize how hard it is for some ppl to make the top 1000 - 2000 on a regular basis. More recognition is due because I don’t like finishing in the top 1500 every week just to be categorized with the other 150 thousand ppl that play. I play a lot less now because its not worth my time an effort. Maybe turborilla will actually spend some money there racking in for the next championship??? Although msmx3 will probably be out so maybe there will be no next time. I bet the 2 idiot announcers they hired to cover the WC made more than bragstad did lol and they didn’t know shit about the game.


Haha i agree… I know that your times of the top 1500 aren’t as fast as the times i get around top 50 lately for example but i agree… Top 1500 is still about top 1% so some recognition for that wouldn’t do any harm… I get though that top 1k is like a milestone or whatever you wanna call it… And that it being so rare the top 1k helmet is more special than a top 10k helmet would’ve been… Concerning the hosts for the championship I’d have to disagree i think they did a great job even though they didn’t have anything to do with the game normally


Well maybe they could divide it up by divisions, Div. 1, Div. 2 and so on…?


To fix that problem, either only have it count in Jam weeks only. Or you would have to choose what mode of play you are going to try to qualify in. You would then choose Cash play, dailies, or Jam rounds. That way you dont have multiple winners and people qualifying thru every mode of the game.


Hey guys how to get new helmet ?


Take a few Karate Classes, Find out where Bragstad lives, and break his phone.


If your name isn’t on the list above, and you don’t already see the helmet in your shop then you were not in the top 1000.

It was broken down like this:

250 - Dailies
250 - Cash Jam
166 - Challenges
334 - Jam


I’m still can’t believe i didn’t get the 1k helmet!!:thinking: did I wrote the email wrong?? I see ppl with the helmet that I’m “always a lot faster” every week!!


How did you rank every week?