***World Championship Helmets***

Happy to announce we have finally awarded all the World Championship helmets… well mostly.

The problem is that some of you have changed your username since the WC Qualifier. Below is a list of usernames that are no longer valid, and the helmet has NOT been added to your account. In order to receive your helmet please reply with both your username that appears on this list and your new username.

The rest of the 1000 winners should have received your helmet by now. If you didn’t get one then you were not in the top 1000, better luck next time :slight_smile:


Sick11111 - added
BLISSY52 - added
Bonnetron - added
Jsl199 - added
EVO716 - added
Lorky - retired forever but added
Mr_Epic1234 - added
capnjazzer - added
CountVonKrasta - added
BENBMXER - added
dudeslatton - added

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Sick11111 is THR_sick11111 and Mr_epic1234 is THR_dutchman.
Dudeslatton is THR_dudeslatton and BLISSY52 is THR_BLISSY52
Is countvonkrasta real? If it’s countvonkasta then Its THR_vonkasta now.

And I must concur with THR_Kipketer up here. There is no way he was not in the top 333


THR_Bonnetron is also on the list.

Yeah just saw that the helmet arrived and just equiped :wink:

Thx a lot guys!


Add mine please

Did you finish in the top 1000?

on WC tracks ofc, like 100-600 world top

The regular jam awarded helmets to the top~300 and the rest went to cash play. So I think you just missed out.

Is your old username one of the ones listed above?

In order, first username was LSDX then C17H21NO4 and actually THR_skinny

For anybody who is wondering. The top 1000 was not only from Jam. It was also from cash modes.

If your name isn’t on the list above, and you don’t already see the helmet in your shop then you were not in the top 1000.

It was broken down like this:

250 - Dailies
250 - Cash Jam
166 - Challenges
334 - Jam

It actually gets pretty complicated because some people won in more than 1 category, so in that case we have to add players to make up for duplicates. Hence the reason it took forever, and also the reason we will probably never release the list since it’s not as straight forward as you would think.

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None of those 3 usernames are on our winners list.

sad but thx

Ajoute mon nom d’utilisateur TSR_AZEN GARD sil vous plaît

Jsl199 is TCR_Jsl199

I’ve had mine for like two weeks😊

Yeah, the helmets from cash games were added first.

Can you just release the results for each category? Im just curious where i finished in jams really.

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If not, no worries.

It won’t make sense if we release the list because it isn’t as straight forward as it seems.

For example, you may have placed 500 in regular Jam, but on our list you may be 300 in regular Jam. That happens because other players above you already won in a different category so we go to the next player. The numbers we have won’t really mean anything.

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