Will There Ever Be A Scrub Button?


We don’t want to make MSM3 less fun, that’s for sure :slight_smile:



I’m with Dutchman … keep the gameplay the same as Mad Skills 2

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Well the whip variance could be something to pick on your profile before the race. Or perhaps there could be a few animations that toggle at random.



You forgot the skill button :smile:



yeah and the wheelie, don’t-f*cking-fall-now and jump-over-this-annoying-whoop-section buttons!

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Perhaps a whip stick instead of button, meaning that the way you move after pressing the center (of the stick) it does variations of tricks.



I completely agree haha let’s just keep it to the normal buttons rather than every single useless button we can possibly think of :joy: i really like the game controls the way they are now and would definitely not mind if you guys kept it this way :ok_hand:



Man if someone would manage to do a backscrub on reallife mx, which no one has, cause It’s impossible. But say they would be able, who knows what that would do to the jumping. My guess is, they would fly pretty low when that suspension exctends forward in air, just over the edge of the jump. Maybe not so far, but sure low😜






Feel free to sketch your idea on paper and send it our way. It never hurts with an extra point of view :slight_smile:



I think a button combination to throw down style is the way to go, say that you hit a jump and then lean back and then forward in the air while hitting the idle button two times you get the whip… doesnt have to be that button combination but you get the general idea.
That way the style tricks would be like easter eggs and more tricks can be added using the existing controls.
Oh, and you could earn new style tricks through achievmens as you progress



Kasta’s idea isn’t bad at all… But i would also like to see an option to turn it off cause nothing would be more annoying than having a fast run and accidentally hitting one of the combinations right before you hit the ground and crashing because of it… If you were gonna add something i would probably still prefer just a single whip button without all kinds of directions styles :blush:



OT, but: wuut, do you play with auto-throttle? Here I thought I knew you and now you drop a bomb like this xD



Dude Im auto AF :smile:



Ah, the scrub/whip button. Possibly the most requested feature of all time, spanning all the way back to MSM1. Or maybe it’s the track editor request. Not sure, but we’ve heard both a trillion times.

We’ve got big plans for MSM3, but one thing we don’t intend to do is jack up the physics and ruin the game. Mad Skills has tons of room for improvement, but I think most will agree that the physics are pretty spot on already.

That said – whips are rad. @JoeW723 and I recently spent a lot of time talking about implementing a whip/scrub button, and we had some interesting ideas. For instance, we’d kind of like to test a floating joystick-type control for whips. Lay your thumb down anywhere on the screen (i.e. above the throttle) and a joystick appears under it. Now you can use the joystick to maneuver your whip into whatever style you want – just make sure you get the wheels down before you hit the ground to avoid crashing. This would keep the UI clean and give you lots of control over the whip. That’s one possibility.

Not sure what we’ll do ultimately, but I do expect to at least test a whip/scrub control.

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i want that. too