Will There Ever Be A Scrub Button?

Really Want An Actual Scrub Button Does Anyone Else Agree And Also Will It Be In Madskills MX 3? Let Me Know What You Want and Think About My Scrub Button Idea.
P.S. also they should let you pick a style of whip/scrub like turn down, classic whip, oppo whip, bubba scrub, etc…

As getting the perfect scrub makes up about 80% of the skill in this game, I can say with decent conviction, that there will never be a scrub button.
A whip button for showing off whilst in mid air, however, is entirely possible.


I totally with Birdshaw on this one. It will ruin the game


I just dont think that a “straight line” scrub looks cool at all i want even more realism in this game so that you can have style not just goon it out

Scrubbing looks awesome on this game. Looks like shit when your not good at it. :joy:

I come from an mx background and last i saw ronnie mac scrubs like this game

Perfectly said @THR_Birdshaw, scrub = skill therefore making it easy ruins the fun and skill that go with this game

We’ve just kind of adapted the word scrub because it basically does the same as what an actual scrub is.

True i dont hate on this game i just want to push thing forward

That picture that says that’s not a scrub, your right its not because it looks like you about to land on your head.

It isn’t a scrub. It’s a backscrub. :smirk:

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dude whip button would be awesome

Dude thank you finally someone else agrees

i dont think they should make it easy. maybe just a button that does tricks like a cordova, can-can, etc.

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Your typing style is so odd I had to reply… so, the first two senteces are Capital Case for every word, then you do a PS and everything is lowercase… I so confuse


Yes put a whip button or trick button Super and heel clickers etc…


  • lean left
  • lean right
  • throttle
  • brake
  • rockets
  • pause
  • reset
  • bobba scrub
  • turndown whip
  • classic whip
  • oppo whip

That’s a shit load of buttons on screen :slight_smile:


A whip button seems pretty cool… Add some style to your run :grinning: but please don’t make a scrub button… Scrubbing is the one thing where you can make up a ton of time in the game…if that’s taken away the game would be way less fun :grimacing: