Why are there so many hackers

As im going through all the career tracks to look at the world record there are always hackers that are 1st and 2nd and its really, really anyonning, because when i was going to look at w6rst’s favela rocet boost replay a hacker was first

now im 13th in the world on it but if the hacker was gone i would be 12th, and w6rst would be 1st, not 2nd.

so can someone maybe ban the hackers, because they are getting 6 second times, so can you please do something about it turborilla?


The hackers are banned, there times stay though. And it is possible to get rid of times. Cuz I’ve seen times taken of the leader boards that hackers made. And one time Birdshaw accidentally got a glitched time on a premium track in bmx2 and later he deleted the time.

the #1 on favela rocket boost is that hacker thats always getting 6 second times

You still 12th cause hackers times don’t count.
Also turborilla is still beta testing on a way of getting rid of hacked times.

thanks :slight_smile: