Who's looking for Versus challengers?


Is there a vs leaderboard in the works or something like that? Would be soooo fun to see the top 10 times each track compared to your own.


Top 10 times would probably be filled up with only you and zse though :joy:


Haha nah, but it was just an example, i just want some kind of a leaderboard to make it more fun to go for times in vs


Nope we don’t keep leaderboards for the tracks in vs. sorry


It would be really sweet though. To see how fast u can go and if u could have replay functions to, like in jam. To see which lines the best ones take! Awesome! :grinning:
Atleast say u will think about it😀


Are you guys silly?


Usually finish top 100 (best top 5)

i have no minutes so you’ll probably win.

not very good at vs because i never play the tracks

CANADA WEO - sometimes im polite, other times you can go fuck yourself

I have a pet polar bear and moose

I like hockey and stuff

Playing msmx2 on and off for 3 years ish

long walks on the beach

i totally forget what i am talking about so just send it fam its lit


You are a tough one… Sometimes I beat you on my very first try without even trying hard, and sometimes I have zero chance of following you, and lose with seconds :smile:


ya i blame that on the sweaty fingers. hahah ur pretty solid though too.


Anybody wanna race me in versus?


r u even good tho thats the question becuz bragstads been ruining my win loss ratio for a while now and i need someone to smack around a bit, so like i’ll send u a challenge but only if ur not that good if u get what im saying…


send me a challenge


hahah sorry brotha


tables are going to turn bud with these new tracks, ive been doing better on this week against you for sure


I finish about at least top 200 in jam


@THR_Quaid send me a challenge or i send you one?


Kk send me one


Follow me, racer name is licmyballs


@THR_Quad I couldn’t find you in the game




Follow me and let’s race, racer name is licmyballs