Who's looking for Versus challengers?


and still waiting in some guys…


It Looks like It’s your turn bro​:joy::+1:


Es muy dificil ganarte por ahora mi meta es ganarte una carrera almenos


hey guys play with me i need more practice.




hey do you want play with me i will play with bike 10


Do you mean your bike 10 vs. Birdshaw bike 11 ??:scream:
Jajajajaja… come on men he is not that bad!!:joy::joy:


Bike 6 and we have a deal😀


Thats cockie man😂 Think about this before u regret it😜 He has got a lot of experience, i can tell u that 4sure😊
C’mon do it birdshaw​:+1::blush::joy:


U have whitnesses now​:joy::joy::joy:


Wait a minute!!! He is trying to give u freepass in vs gaming instead of those churos😂 Don’t fall for it man😱


Oh I still want my churros.


I challenge you to race with bike 3 in the same condition.


Telling the truth is a great opportunity for me to challenge someone who has achieved first place in the world several times. @THR_Birdshaw Retirement said you are a good runner my friend


My username went back to original NO THR:/
What did u do to fix??


You still have the tag in the system. Sometimes it goes back and forth like that.




Hey, why did u delete???

  1. 1978Keithy

  2. Top 300 - 1000 (best about 150)

  3. 70/61

  4. Bike 11

  5. Been playing a lot this past week or so but running out of data lol

  6. Northern Ireland

I don’t buy free minutes or delete any challenges - its 2 mins 1 on 1 for me and i would like challengers to be the same thanks. I only use free minutes from levelling up if I need them :wink:

See you on the track!!!

PS - if you beat me, rest assured its my arthritis playing up :smile: :smile: