Who's looking for Versus challengers?

  • Username: le_chat_vaudou
  • Usually worldwide jammed somewhere between 1500/3000 (this week #157 abouts 1300/1400)
  • Versus level: 70/46
  • Bike 10 or 11
  • Races per day? depends on mood (sometimes 2 races, sometimes 10)
  • Country: France
  • France jam leaderboard: abouts 150th (out of 15,000)
  • Regional rank: 4th this week (out of 650)


I have not removed any challenge😜 I’m still waiting for u to send it back😊
Should i send u a new one instead?


Hi guys,

I think it’s the wrong section but…
is there any possibility to lock versus tracks that u have to choose? I mean, when u Play against someone u get 3 tracks to choose. There are some Kids who Ends the game and restart it - so often that there will come a new track to choose that they will drive.
Thats really poor because there are several opponents in my list who always take the same track - always.

So, can this be locked?


Or all tracks could be shown instead of just 3 to choose from. Then u can take your favourite to sick11111 :grin:. I think everyone wants to win sometimes and have a chance to improve their score. :blush: I know i pick the ones i know i might stand a chance to win. I mean Thats! the fun with this game. We all like to be winners​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Right? But i see your point so i agree that there should be somekind of lock if u have choosen the same track more than say 3 times in a row it locks until u have played 3 other tracks, for example?


A lot of ppl do this. I’ve raced colin like 12 times I think and I got the same challenge from him 4 times already. I like having tracks I’m not familiar with to choose from.


I agree with @THR_sick11111. It gets old when people send you the same race 10 times in a row. I almost think it would be better to have no choice at all, and it just cycled through the tracks consecutively


Hey birdshaw​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: How about you stand up to my challenge. Threw one at u days ago​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Or are you :hatching_chick::joy:
Sorry just kidding​:blush: But seriously answer the challenge Please! :smiley: If u dare :ghost:


Dude I almost never vs. I’ll probably send it back at some point.


Ok. Well I’m ready when u are buddy😀


“usually top 10-20 global”

wellllllll i guess i’ll just go fuck myself then lmao0o0o


send me one THR_quaid

I too cannot beat sick11111111111111111111111 I gave up


Hahah top 5 last few weeks :wink:



Elvis u only got too much luck every time :wink:


Or… he spends a hell of a lot of minutes just to beat us😂 Well maybe not me🤔 That will probably just take one try to do🤣
Uhm… anyway…


Hey Quaid,

I can challenge u again - if u want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Sent you a challenge bro!! I’m TSR_Kroniik_Sx



Super weird looks like my name reverted back to: quaidgardiner

I connected to Facebook to upload my picture it must have reverted back to my original name