Who's looking for Versus challengers?


Sure. I got Kudla, Miezko, Timpan and Sick11111111111111111 kickin my ass on a daily basis so Im sure I can take some more :slight_smile:




Hey whats up guys? I just got lucky every time. Great tracks last week! This week there are some that i dont like.
Thats your chance Kip :wink:


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My Nick is: JordanYZ500


send me versus. I am TSR_SamMeci_SD


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I got like 50 that are like this. Lol


Broski u are actually as good as me if not better(and that is tuff for me to say). We do have very similar styles tho.

Guys @Jogga72 is pretty damn good.
Only raced a couple but u can tell when u can tell


I’m sending u a vs now Mr TSR


I sent a challenge to @TCR_Elvis_PR

Bro I sent that from a my tablet cus m PS was dead. If u won the match alreast send a race back. I wanna see what every 1 is cryin bout.


I can’t find u on here. U typed ur user name wrongor something


Good luck. I’ve never beat Elvis.


I’ve actually beaten him like 10 times… But that was waaaaaay back.


I need to send you one back…


If u have the time i would like to challenge u Elvis, i don’t think i have your skills but i like to play against good players to learn😀


:+1:Send challenge


I have😬