Who's looking for Versus challengers?




Ok no prob :joy:


Real shit talker lol
Ace In jams, lousy on daily races… haahaa haaaaaàaaaa jkjk but Im seriouss!


I suck at vs. I’ll admit that. :joy::joy:


Elvis you should be #1 in Jam… I mean, if you manage to beat Auzzi 100% of the times during a 2 minute race… :wink:


hmm 1st? u mean 2nd in jam right? hehe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like your fast, but it doesn’t look like it stopping you from trolling for smaller fish to get a majority of your wins obviously :joy: @THR_dudeslatton


Lol… I’m never have been even a top 25 at the end of the Jams!! Attempts got much to do on Jams where in Vs only got 2min… i think that the difference!! But @Bragstad and some other TCR teammates always beat me in Vs too!!:grin:


Haha don’t get me wrong @THR_dudeslatton is actually pretty fast… Just wanted to let everyone know that he’s not zse level for example so that it’s actually safe to race him haha :joy:



Edit: Sorry. All love, bro!


Dood that was a lil harsh. Lol I’ll race whoever is up for a challenge. After playing jam 100 times back to back, I hop on versus to loosen up a lil. I don’t descreminate against racers. Fast slow. Really I start a few challenges every day to see if there is any good challenges. I’m above average but what he said∆∆∆∆ not no bragstad or zse but top 200 in jam past few weeks.


Broski send me ur vs so I can snap shot that shit @LesterWire



Don’t get butt hurt now. Its true your fast and talented I’m not saying your not. Most of the ppl you showed you race are no where near your level in talent obviously, otherwise your “you and them” categories would be a little more balanced out is all I’m saying. We all do it or have done it, I have a 224 win streak against my friend who is level 70 lol an he still don’t know what a scrub is.


I need more challenges in VS. Only fast guys plz!
Challenge me: THR_sick11111



im not fast but i’ll send you one later… THR_Sycho0182


Usually finish around top 10k but haven’t recently
70-279 for vs rank (not nearly as good as the rank looks lol just play a lot)
Bike #11
Play as many vs races as I can a day (20-30+)


How about you answer my challenge?, i sent you one a couple of dags ago. I’m just semifast. Not as fast as the really fast ones. But sometimes i to get lucky😜


I don’t know about you man but Im sure as hell better one on one than one on five :smile:


Yeah me to​:blush: Maybe you want to do some vs with me?:hugs: