Who's looking for Versus challengers?


Sorry to some of you that sent me challenges. I had to delete them due to constant poking, also have too many challenges going @ the moment.


Cant find your Name ingame??


His new name is THR_BlkBoloBndt.
I’ll edit his post


Thx a lot. Just challenged him :grin:


Be gentle please. :blush::wink:


Sorry but thats racing. No room for being nice and gently :joy:


:joy::joy: your bloody fast though awesome. I learn more from people faster than me. :metal::metal::unicorn:


Thx for the compliment :wink:

So guys: i search new opponents for vs. but please: fast guys - fast like me :wink:


Haven’t been playing too much versus the past days but you can challenge me I’ll race back every now and then… Not sure if I’m as fast as you are but I’d say I’m not slow :grinning:


I should have beaten you 3 out of 6 races we did but I kept wrecking lol not talking shit but you are fast, not as fast as I originally thought but fast. If you wasn’t so impatient an poking me all the time I wouldn’t have deleted the challenge. I will send you another challenge when I’m feeling it.


Poking? Normally i Never poke. Should i really did poke u i am f****** sorry for that. There are just 3 guys which i poke and these are friends at reallife ;).
Big sorry :wink:


Just saying its annoying. A lot of ppl would agree with me.


2. Top 50-200 on jam. (Best rank lvl is 26)
3.vs lvl 70/317
4. Bike 11
5. Average about 20-100 players per day


These are some average races. With thr-tcr members exception. Lol

Not braggin but I’m kindaa fast :wink:


@THR_dudeslatton is the worst. Don’t play him. It’s like racing a turtle that only has one leg and that leg has a ball and chain around it.

Jk, he’s fast af and will kill your win/lose ratio.


Guys don’t let that discourage you… Challenge the guy he’s indeed pretty damn fast but definitely not unbeatable! Your win/loss ratio may have a small chance of surviving! :grinning:


I need to Go back on Vs!!


Haha elvis we both know that i let you win those races… Didn’t want you to feel bad about yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: lucky for me that i quit racing versus for now so i don’t have to prove it :joy::joy::joy: seriously though you’re insanely fast :sweat_smile:

  1. Jogga72
  2. Somewhere around Top 1000 on jam but dont play so much jam. More dailys.
  3. Vs 70/179
  4. Bike 11.
  5. As many as possible:)
  6. Sweden.

Hey! Thr_sick11111
I’ve challanged u. But maybe i’m not good enough:D


Elvis is stupid fast in vs. it’s ridiculous. :joy: