Who's looking for Versus challengers?

  1. nclark338
  2. Decent. Usually in the top 100. Best week 23rd overall
  3. 61/19
  4. Bike 10
  5. 1 to 10 races per day.
  6. USA


“Decent”… Give me a break :smile:

  1. Monroe201
  2. I don’t play versus much, I grind jams mainly. Usually top 25 in jam, best finish 5th overall
  3. If you think your a beast, go ahead and challenge me, see what you got!


Positively elite is more like it. :slightly_smiling:

What the … ? Are we only attracting MSM2 gods on this forum? :smile:


I’m okay if the track suits me, not really into racing the jams. best week 63 - 2nd overall.
70-78 (multiplier 5.1 spend some money to get extra minutes quicker) 1340 wins 50 losses.
bike level 10
did 500 races this week.
I’m from holland


Randall Carpenter (Ranman68)
Division 1
Generally top 25 in Texas (Jam). In the top 1000 world wide. Sometimes better. I have some fast guys I race with but not enough. Nothing against the slower guys but not enough faster ones. I play pretty regularly. Just here and there throughout the day.


2. I usually finish in top 50 worldwide in jam
3. 70/113 (all star level 113)
4. Bike 10
5. 20-50 versus challenges per day, i have a lot of challenges from players that is below my skill, and often i dont play them. i want more challenges from people that are on my skill level.
6. Norway :smiley: (many good player from norway like svendsgard and bragstad)

Bug/Crash Reports
  1. CoBALT_

  2. Beginner in MM2. Pretty new to the physics. Keen to challenge a few lower ranked racers. I’ve only raced 6 maps on Jam yet. I’m on the top 11k bracket. Certainly no pro racer yet.

  3. Versus level is sitting on 5

  4. Bike 5

  5. 1-5 versus races per day. Would like to do morr

  6. South Africa


For some reason I can’t edit my first post so I’m gonna update a few things
Username- TCR_Steve_OX
Vs level-70/69
Bike number 10
Usually in the top 150 in jam best 78(combined tracks)
I still try to play everyday especially Thursday
And I live in the U.S. Massachusetts
So I have to edit this to say best finish 8th place on a single track and 19th overall😆


I play vs quite a bit. I usually get to #1 in my state and then switch over. They usually pass me before the end of the week. Haha

  1. C_austin
  2. I usually finish about 9,000th in jams lol
  3. Versus lvl 43
  4. Bike #8
  5. About 1 race per day
  6. My home country is America


Division 7
Level 58
Bike 9
4 races a day

  1. Nate_422
  2. average i don’t usually play jams that much
  3. Level 30
  4. bike 9
  5. as many as possible. Usually 4 cuz i have no friends.
  6. Texas but it says Cali
    I want to get to level 55 so i can get the 10the bike and unlock starman.

pinned #60


Usually in the top 10k in the US if I can get the track dialed. Pretty decent in my area on comparable bike.
Bike 8
Need more VS races to get bike 9 because there is no way I’m paying 10 bucks for a video game dirtbike. That could almost buy me a bottle of premix to go ride my real bike.

  1. f1ftyone
  2. Currently sitting #91 in Jam / World / Division #1
  3. VS level 70/65
  4. Bike 10
  5. ~40 VS races per day
  6. Nicaragua

Looking to play other skilled challengers like @Simen_Salthe_Johanne :wink:


Usually top 1000 - 1500 in world
Level 70 / 64
Bike 10
Approx. 100 races a week

Best Jam week :sunglasses:


in my best days i finish in the first 400 in jams
Versus lvl 70/69
Bike #10
About 10 to 20 races per day
Norway (i dominate Aust Agder in jam but the rest of Norway are literally kicking my ass :wink: )
the harder the challenge the better :+1:



Bike 8 for now
I’m only Division 9
United States
I race all the time 20-30 races a day
Level 56


Usually at least in the top 2k in the world
Versus Level: 70/80
Bike 10
Approximately how many Versus races you do per day: Depends on the day a lot. Usually Tuesday nonstop throughout the day, other days of the week it varies from none to a lot, usually do some every day.