Who's looking for Versus challengers?

This thread was created for Mad Skills players to find other engaged Versus players to compete against. To participate, please include the following:

  1. Your username
  2. An honest assessment of your skill level (i.e. where you usually finish in Jam)
  3. Your current Versus levels
  4. Your current bike level
  5. Approximately how many Versus races you do per day
  6. (Optional) Your home country

It’s no fun racing against people who are way faster or slower than you, and it’s useless to send challenges to people who aren’t likely to accept and challenge you back. The best Versus challenges are against players of similar skill and engagement levels.

So be thorough and honest here, and you’ll probably have a lot more fun in Versus mode!

  1. Kipketer.
  2. Top 250 in Jam. Best rank 47.
  3. VS level 70/145
  4. Bike 10
  5. Barely play VS these days but used to play A TON against a lot of opponents in the past.
  6. Sweden

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usually top 1000 in jam. best week ~70.
VS level 70/69
bike 9
i play off and on, more than a couple times a week but not always every day.


  1. sick11111
  2. Top 50 to 200 (belongs to the track xD)
  3. Versus 70 / 174 (Wins 5362 / Losses 358)
  4. Bike 10
  5. Versus up to 5 to 30 races per day
  6. Austria (NOT Australia xD)

GreEtz Erwin

  1. nclark338
  2. Decent. Usually in the top 100. Best week 23rd overall
  3. 61/19
  4. Bike 10
  5. 1 to 10 races per day.
  6. USA
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“Decent”… Give me a break :smile:

  1. Monroe201
  2. I don’t play versus much, I grind jams mainly. Usually top 25 in jam, best finish 5th overall
  3. If you think your a beast, go ahead and challenge me, see what you got!

Positively elite is more like it. :slightly_smiling:

What the … ? Are we only attracting MSM2 gods on this forum? :smile:


I’m okay if the track suits me, not really into racing the jams. best week 63 - 2nd overall.
70-78 (multiplier 5.1 spend some money to get extra minutes quicker) 1340 wins 50 losses.
bike level 10
did 500 races this week.
I’m from holland

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Randall Carpenter (Ranman68)
Division 1
Generally top 25 in Texas (Jam). In the top 1000 world wide. Sometimes better. I have some fast guys I race with but not enough. Nothing against the slower guys but not enough faster ones. I play pretty regularly. Just here and there throughout the day.


2. I usually finish in top 50 worldwide in jam
3. 70/113 (all star level 113)
4. Bike 10
5. 20-50 versus challenges per day, i have a lot of challenges from players that is below my skill, and often i dont play them. i want more challenges from people that are on my skill level.
6. Norway :smiley: (many good player from norway like svendsgard and bragstad)

  1. CoBALT_

  2. Beginner in MM2. Pretty new to the physics. Keen to challenge a few lower ranked racers. I’ve only raced 6 maps on Jam yet. I’m on the top 11k bracket. Certainly no pro racer yet.

  3. Versus level is sitting on 5

  4. Bike 5

  5. 1-5 versus races per day. Would like to do morr

  6. South Africa


For some reason I can’t edit my first post so I’m gonna update a few things
Username- TCR_Steve_OX
Vs level-70/69
Bike number 10
Usually in the top 150 in jam best 78(combined tracks)
I still try to play everyday especially Thursday
And I live in the U.S. Massachusetts
So I have to edit this to say best finish 8th place on a single track and 19th overall😆

I play vs quite a bit. I usually get to #1 in my state and then switch over. They usually pass me before the end of the week. Haha

  1. C_austin
  2. I usually finish about 9,000th in jams lol
  3. Versus lvl 43
  4. Bike #8
  5. About 1 race per day
  6. My home country is America
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Division 7
Level 58
Bike 9
4 races a day

  1. Nate_422
  2. average i don’t usually play jams that much
  3. Level 30
  4. bike 9
  5. as many as possible. Usually 4 cuz i have no friends.
  6. Texas but it says Cali
    I want to get to level 55 so i can get the 10the bike and unlock starman.