Who is back flipping me? Is it because I haven’t bought anything yet? Are you money hungry?

What’s up with the game backflipping me every time I get the lead??? This is bullshit :poop:image

Dont know which game youre talking about but i can assure you that noone is backflipping you except yourself…no need to buy anything to get to the topspot in either game…just need some mad skills :smiley:

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Don’t listen to him. He’s full of bullshit too. It was my 1337 remote back flip ping spike cellular bot. And yes it will keep back flip ping ing y00z until j00 send m3 all ¥0r m0n€3z!!!1!11 Mmuuaahhaha!


Maybe a little bit. :stuck_out_tongue: Just poking a little fun because I can relate to the frustration.

It’s not me ,

It’s not me looping the bike. Others have also complained about this flaw in the game. Even when I try to correct it the loop continues. Explain that one.

No help from you :poop:

Yeah. Other than nonsensical poking fun, on a serious analytical side of the issue, I think the majority of it is caused by the way the game’s physics rendering handles traction. Since there really isn’t much ability for throttle control. Most of the time it’s wide f’n open like the power band of a light switch. If the back tire gets a good dig from a hard landing or the transitional change up the face of a jump, there definitely isn’t much time to react to it. Best you can do is grind away, learn and try to anticipate the places where and when it’s going to happen. Sometimes a brake tap will check it, other times it’ll just seem like the front axle is on a stubborn puppet string.

I don’t know for certain what the logic was behind the decision not to further refine the behavior in the game but I think it may be because the randomness of it’s occcurence actually does help in some rare instances. Even if it’s only 2 times out of 1000.

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Are you talking about motocross or bmx here?

It also happens in mid-air with my finger off the screen. I’m not causing this. This is the first video game I’ve ever played but I’ve raced motorcycles for many years, and that’s why I like this game but that uncontrollable looping effect is really a drag. It happens on almost every track and ever since I’ve complained about it , it now happens more frequently. Whatever, it’s just a cheap game. Thanks for your response.


If your bike keeps looping out mid air even if you lean in the opposite direction my best guess is its a phone issue…the game doesnt do that for me :thinking:

My phone is a crApple

I think i know what it is… Is it happen when ur hot? It happens to me alot because i get sweaty hands and little bits stick to the screen and it automatically registers as a touch, give ur screen a good wipe down and keep ya hands dry. I get random back and forward movements all the time and on bmx it bunnyhops on its own til i wipe my screen and fingers. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the most logical answer on this forum. I appreciate it. The backwards loops are completely unavoidable, no matter how hard I push the forward button and it’s always on a fast lap :+1:

I took your advice but to no avail. It’s real bad now, I’m getting tired of this crap.

I’ve had this issue a lot myself, what taco said is one way to help, another is playing the game without a case, I used to play with a case and the plastic screen would sometimes not register my touch therefore crashing without any time to recovery, so if you play with a case take it off, the touch will register a lot easier and help the issue, if you do play without a case then the only thing I can also think is if you play with the settings as tilted, this game tilted is extremely difficult, but if you play with buttons then case gone, again if you already have no case then this was a waste and I apologize haha, hope you can find the issue and resolve it


Thank you so much, you’re right, I took the case off and it worked fine. Wow :open_mouth:

Well, when in doubt ask the best player in the world!