Which is really annoying with MSM2

Some pilots keep disappearing from the friendship list.

I can’t follow all of my friends in the game.

The friends list is really small.
The only downside to MSM2.

There are so many against me in Versus.
That I can’t see her anymore
When I finish a challenge.
Move a new one to the foreground.

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I lost my ranking , i whas at 400 almost and now i am 1 again , al these years of playing and keep my ranking up is gone :frowning: , how can i be 1 with 21 000 games i have play , i play now and i stay 1 , also jam doesend work anymore , i have contact Bryan but he says i habe 2 account , but that is not tru i have 2 phones and my son has a account on my other phone ,

her? @TM_Desperados

Where do I go to report a big I have found???