Wheelie /Practice track

What is the chances of having a long flat track to practice them wheelies and stoppies?

Probably 0 chance :grimacing: there’s not much exciting about a long flat track… To release that track it would likely have to either take up a spot in a track pack or in jams… And there’s like 10000000 other options for track builds that would make waaaaaay better use of that spot in the track pack or jam :grimacing::grinning:

Oh and also there’s not much use in practicing that way cause a long straight wheelie isn’t too hard that’s just a matter of balance… Landing in that wheelie and scrubbing perfectly out of it is the tricky part… You don’t practice that with a flat track

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in the package of tracks I do not remember if it is this month or the past. there was a track where you can practice the horse of nose.

The nose wheelie

What about a track with a bunch of different whoops?

@Blucru562 the 2016 october track pack had a track called “Pure Evil” if i remember correctly that track is about 90% whoops lol

I love the whoops in this game.

So satisfying when you just wheelie across the whole set like lightning

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Yea it is

Yep you just stay on your back wheel as you are flying by your opponent then you get kicked and your front wheel dives as your opponent is passing you while you crash lol.


Memories :joy::joy:

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Lol yep.

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Rally vs road Is a good start for wheelies. It has small tables and you can land and hold wheelies easily if your trying to get better at finding that sweet balance point

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https://youtu.be/HYquRWAf2_8 I think this track is good for practicing wheelies

To bad we cant still play it




I use slide away sometimes

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