What's your longest winning streak in Versus mode?

elvis dude! over 8k runs that’s sick! and a nice active streak.
626 I believe. some kid I challenged a long time ago beat me since I was on bike 8 or sumthing when I recorded that run… but now I noticed people can just delete your challenge so their win streak stays on… hope that could get fixed, in random challenges I found a guy with a winstreak over 1200 beat him and he just deleted me. I must admit this time I deleted jvg411 (another dutch player) he also answered to a very old challenge of mine where I was on bike 7 so I was like naaa this aint fair then send him a fresh 1 where he hasn’t responded to so far so I could explain myself to him why I deleted that run in the chat. would be nice if I could see all my old unanswered challenges so I could delete the really old ones.


I know exactly which player you’re talking about. Appart from cheating with his win streak he’s quite the character to put it mildly.

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You might be talking about someone else, I remember you mentioned him when @OnTheFrontLine was doing the live stream and it was not the same guy. quite the character you said with an unbelievable high all star level 300-ish

I will look through my 10,000 challenges and see who it was hahaha

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i can only see my last 50… and 25 new invites at a time.

626? In winning streak thats out of this world men!

You should challenge Krokus-74-, he asked me for my best opponents and I said yours and Elvis usernames, but I only think he challenged Elvis cause I said he was the best :wink:
Krokus is a Jam top10 guy and was in the top3 twice weeks in a row a while back


I will bro!, thing is with me I score top 10 in jam when I only play the first day, I play so much versus I think I have those versus tracks just dialed in like no one else. anyways right now I’m on like 328 or sumthing but my phone is destroyed monday I will have another phone but I’ll have to get used to it first, bye bye streak
edit: most of the kinda good players always delete me after a few rounds there is 1 guy im now 71-0 with him he’s the record holder for getting beaten and not deleting

I had a guy i beat 80 times in a row and he still comes back for more. He does have some wins against me though and now we’re sitting at 345-16. He really plays a lot but has pretty much no skill. I actually admire that. Here are his stats.

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Im also racing krokus 74 in versus, he wins almost all the time :angry:

This guy is good and got good Jam times… he is always active on Vs!! :slight_smile:

I just now see this at the pic of @TCR_Elvis_PR you:328 against an opponent that 2 is insane.
lol we should make a database of versus players. all of a sudden they get 20 versus invites out of nowhere.
1 guy I remember that used to be amazing at versus was kyle cunningham and used to play gainst sirscrubalot but cunningham pretty cool an actual pro rider i just challenged him and turned out he was really good at the game. and always 2nd behind me these days for my country’s leaderboard Brian Bogers #198 super cool to see Im a huge fan of him. and I bet when I get ma new phone I already got beaten I had 2 bad runs against good players. yall know any real pro riders that are addicted to msm2? or am I going to far off topic here

want to add Dylan Slusser he had a 17th place last weekend in detroit! and brian bogers his team mate also riding Gp’s roberts justs he always trying to get in the top 3 on ma country’s leaderboard. since I cant go off topic here eheh

You can’t go too off topic in the Off Topic section :wink:
It’s cool bro… It is cool!

And no, I dont know any real pro racers

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What you mean 328? and 2??

I have the record so far?


on that 1st picture behind your stats I can see you won 328 games against someone! his name starts with piw. you guys must been racing eachother daily for a long time eheh

I got almost 3 days so far waiting on your respond of my challengs I send you… :smile:

328 is nothing :blush:
I raced Elvis a lot the last year. He owns me like a kid but Im still racing him, our games made me better

*I think the standing between me vs @Birdshaw was something like 486-115…? when I deleted it

*edit caused by Birdshaw whining


Yeah right you flipping liar! You had the drop on me but my stats against you were better than your stats against Elvis.
What my own stats against Elvis is totally irrelevant. :slight_smile:

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Just some of my Vs friends… :smiley:

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