What's the longest streak of challenges you have with one person in versus?


A few days after versus was added to the game, I was put up against a guy in a random challenge and we’ve gone back and forth ever since. 432 races. I feel like this is an unusually high number of races between two people. Anyone got us beat? :grin:


I got 469 against @Tim_Flaherty and 489 against @TCR_Elvis_PR (who is WITHOUT A DOUBT the best versus racer I’ve seen)


:sunglasses: 558 / 784 / 916 / 644 so far…


Elvis is a beast, @Kipketer

And holy shit I can see why. :joy:


I just deleted and restarted chellenges with @leprechaun_333. We have way over 2200 races. I dont remember exactly. I had twice as many wins as him and he has improved a lot and my phone broke and I reset the count because he is not as bad as the record reflects… Well schooled!!


1786/168 & 712/185 are my 2 longest streaks