What would you consider good?

In your terms, what would you consider good in mad skills? I am usually top 200 and feel that pretty good! Let me know what you guys think?

I don’t really think it’s possible to determine “good” through jam positions… Cause a lot of people don’t play jam a lot or even play jam at all for that matter :thinking: like myself i can finish top 50 every week if i just tried but because i just haven’t been playing the game a lot lately I’ll usually end up somewhere between 100-200… That doesn’t mean that the guy in 50th place is “better” than me though :thinking: anyways if there’s a number attached to “good” then I would say around division 1 is “good” i guess (read that as just good and not top level though :sweat_smile:)

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I can finish top 1000 if I try and I’m 107.96% awesome.


I fell like if you can reach top 100 and even top 50 that’s pretty dang impressive

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Well like me, I’m decent in the game, but my friend could be 3-4 tenths ahead and be 200 in the world and I would be 1000. Everything is just so close. But like Dutchman said, if your in Division 1, thats pretty good. Means your in the top 10% I’m sure


ur only good if u can beat me in jam



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That is correct, i’m 23 in the world at the moment and everyone behind me is like 0.01 off me it’s insane!

It should be more than that lol

Well hopefully i can stay in the top 50 then

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Im working my way up to 108… getting there.


Yes u are, any new show soon?

Hey @THR_Birdshaw hit us up with some gq words/ poetry cuz I mean you’re pretty skilled with words and I need some right about now who agrees?


The Turborilla show? Not sure when Itll be back. It depends on Joes schedule. Right now he’s On a Well earned vacation and at one point in the near future I know he’ll be going to Sweden.

Top 20

Screw you JLaRue
My poetry isn’t for sale
Now go fuck yourself.

Hey waddayaknow… a Haiku😀

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ooooooo, interesting, could you give any hints about the new update :wink:

looks like i’m pretty good :slight_smile:

Not really. I don’t know shit😀
All I know is that it’s regarding upcoming events.

World championship?! that would be sick!