What type of gear would you like to see in MSMX2?

Would you like different boots, gear, helmets, goggles or anything else in the game. I’d definitely like some Seven gear and be able to customize what colors for like the zero gear and stuff with some A-Stars and a Bell helmet


You gotta think they cant put anything bc of that boring, illegal, copyright stuff. If this wasn’t so we would have pro circuit kawasaki bell helmets a-star boots seven gear whatever

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Well I know about that copyright and stuff but I was saying what if because that’d be pretty cool

Shorts cuz it’s getting hot in here
An a one off unicorn helmet for Birdshaw only


Ronny Mac overalls, helmet and sweet cr250 cut off fenders


That’d be pretty sick

I’d like to see monster helmet and gear and Alpine stars boots

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Would be cool to have some retro themed gear, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s era’s gear would be pretty cool. Was always a fan of the Fox zebra gear Roczen’s brought back this year, the old splitfire kawasaki gear was rad. I understand the hoops you would have to jump thru for copyright stuff, but you could make them similar enough. Kevin windham always had some great gear kits as well, could use that for some inspiration too.