What’s up with “Special Delivery” track times reset?

Hopped on and saw I didn’t have a time for this track, and that apparently there was only 5000 recorded times for it. Lost my time but i’m not too mad because i’ve already got an improved time. Just curious.

I’m wondering the same thing. I still have my overall time saved but the Special Delivery times are wiped. Going to be a huge pain having to run it again.

This happened before when one of the tracks had a glitch that had to be fixed by wiping times.

I didn’t notice any glitches this time so I hope that’s not the case. I’m #1 in my area so now I have to bust my butt to get my time back. That’s not cool.

Same here, really dont want to grind again when I had a time that is now gone.

It’s my fault. I accidentally reset the leaderboard when changing the name of the track designer. I’m sorry.

Is there anyway to recover it or is it gone?

Actually, don’t bring it back. I just ran a faster time. Lol.

Well at least i didn’t have a top 5 time globally…


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