What’s going to happen to MSMX2?

With Mad Skills 3 coming out, what’s going to happen to with Mad Skills 2? I mean that are there still going to be jam rounds, versus, or world records? If anyone has either ideas or they actually know what’s going to happen, u are welcome to say. Thanks!

I believe with MSMX3 currently on the Android, the player base has still remained dedicated to MSMX2 aswell. That being said, they’d be stupid to close up shop with MSMX2.

Bro I’m never going to leave msmx2


SAME!!! And I don’t remember a MSMx at all… I’ve looked and looked on the App Store ( I’m An iPhone kind of guy) and I just see msbmx2 and msmx2 is it called msbmx??? I forget I’ve even went to all of the games they created… spoilers I only found those

apple deleted msmx1 when they were removing all 32 bit apps or something like that

Ok that makes sense

I had MSMX back in 2012!

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Does it still work? And charge ur phone plz it’s bothering me

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Oh ok…

No it’s no longer downloadable :cry:

I still have the PC version of mad skills motocross 1 with the track creator. Had a blast playing it in college.

I believe I have the installation file still too. I would be happy to upload it unless devs would rather me not.

@WFO_SOKUDO-77 yeah it’s bothering me to.