What customization options would you like to see?


Your bike? :blush:



This is Umair_JOKERZ & ShoeiFlatout bikes


Do you mean colored spokes or rims? Colored spokes would also be cool to have after seeing this.


Insert note when stretching preview.
From here I have to slow down, I do everything right on the track.

Just an example but it might look like this.
Me maybe others could help it, only goes with premium.


Is there anyway you can show the battery life on the game screen while playing? I always seem to be on a stellar run and then boom, phone shuts off! haha. Was also thinking you could make it be like a gas gauge with an empty/full meter.




Im down for that!


If you had a computer you should be able to get a downloadable and login to your madskill account wear you can make custom graphics for your bike like mx sim


We need a track builder :slight_smile:


I don’t know when it was and if it was true but i heard a while ago they might do that in msmx3


In career an area where you could build your own stretch.
Where you can invite your friends to go there …,

In Karriere ein bereich, wo man sich selbst strecken bauen könnte.
Wo man seine freunde einladen kann dort zu fahren … ,


My Life’s Dream is to make my Own Tracks and Ride :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Are you talking about a track builder or a custom graphics generator?


I was talking about a track builder :slight_smile:️ which i think would be really cool to have, trying out your own creations sounds like a lot of fun :slight_smile:


The track builder was also “promised” as a possible feature when msmx2 was being released. Let’s hope this time they succeed to make it public (at least premium).


I think you should have more color options such as seat color, different color frames and engine parts, fork colors, rim colors, main decal colors, color of the brands and design on gear, etc.


Cfx seat covers where you can changer color of strips and seat


Track viewing on versus and then one lap to ride the track no restarts , before you race like a track walk


I wonder if we get to ride few tracks backwards from finish line to start line how wud that be ? Food for thought :smiley: