What customization options would you like to see?


un poco de espacio donde va el numero pues si ven las motos en la tienda mientras mas actalida menos espacio para los numeros y por ende mas pequeños.


I’m not sure if this has all ready been said but what if u could change parts on ur bike like plastics or exhaust and being able to change them but not changing the performance of the bike so things are still fair


I may want to run that set up anyways, would be fun to race that bike!


Took me a little while to notice the red rims… :heart_eyes:


Real life graphics and also custom graphics like the color,2nd color ,what pattern and brand names would be awesome.


Not so much customization, but I’d like to see an option added to taunt a player after you do a random race in versus and only race one time and they delete you lol.


It’s been suggested already, but i’d like to be able to see a list of who follows you.


3 jam tracks instead of two. Two normal tracks and the third be a superduper pinkywinky tech track or somethin nuts like “Pure evil” ? And making certain jam track times eligible only by completing the track on a certain bike?


It would be awesome to see different cc bikes. Especially bike like a Crf150r or Tc85 bikes. You could have different competitions for different cc bikes like in real life.


Yes, 《《 RIM 》》 Colors, Not just Tire Colors. Just adding a rim color by itself along with the tire colors would make customization 100% better. Also Separate Color options for Goggles, Jersey, Pants, Boots ect…No Helmet Custom though because it would make the Championship Trophy Helmets less meaningful IMO…


haha yeah that would suck :wink:


When playing jam, it would be fun to see which times are made with bike 11 and 10 and 9 and so on. Would it be possible to add that to the leaderboard. Or at least how your time compares with everyone who rides the same bike, if it is bike 11 or 10?


In cash jam they have bike 1 races that are a lot of fun! Would be fun to throw in a third track in jam weeks that was bike 1 only maybe…?


I would like to see a 2 stroke bike and add a hole shot line extra points for getting the hole shot


@THR_Birdshaw All my life ive failed tests,its tym to turn the table around,let me test something now :smile:


Very nice rims :wink: :slight_smile:


Hello Madskills Team…
You guys are doing a fabulous job… i love this game…
I play from Jokerz team India and would like to add a few suggestions
The profile stats window is very small, you can hardly view the person’s Profile picture. It would be really nice if we could view it on a full screen… probably you could increase the profile stats window to fit the mobile screen or something like that… I also like the idea of being able to view a person’s JAM stats like their attempts and etc…
Thanks a ton for this Game … Cheers…



Firstly i’d like to appreciate the makers of this game for fantastic graphics and game play.
No doubt that MSM2 is one of the best bike racing games available today. there has been a lot of changes/improvements done with time, but i feel it would be great to see fwd or rewind option on replay or may be some how a possibility to make the replay 3 - 5x slower (Just to see some and capture some scrubs/whips/jumps etc).

Cheers :slight_smile:


Rims Colors!! ((It’s more realistic than tires colored)) :wink::wink::+1:


I agree… Colored tires are cool but not realistic… Both options would be cool…