What customization options would you like to see?


I think it’s about time for “the panty dropper” bike decal kit!! How about you guys?


I’d like to see injuries.


I think they mentioned not doing this because it restricts certain age groups from playing if it’s too gory.


It has more to do with the fact that horiffic injuries is part of MX racing, and there is no point in glorifying it.


I’d like the option to select several size riders, I’d like to be a huge fat guy riding that bike like a beast.


neat idea, however, i would like to be a child sized character on a big bike :grin::grin:


Don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think of yourself…lol.


I would like a record run function.


Ability to save replays would be awesome.


Ahh… you’d like what in professional terms is called a @Kipketer.


I do not like it in the last update the advertising is opened and it can not be closed, it consumes megas.



i know you may not want to, but buy something in game and advertisements will not pop up. i would recommend getting some premium rounds of jam, they help me out a lot.


For now that the teams are fashionable, I would like to see a list of teams and that the team leaders are those who will admit the members who are going to want to be part of them. The bosses will put the requirements to be part of the team,
It is difficult to want to form a team if you do not have the necessary members, I propose to put a button in the list of friends to add to your team, or send a request to join the team, or make an invitation you want to be part of my team?

Spanish my language.
por ahora que los equipos estan de moda, me gustaria ver lista de equipos y que el o los jefes del equipo sean quienes admitan a los miembros quienes van a querer ser parte de ellos. Los jefes pondran los requerimentos para ser parte del equipo,
es dificil querer formar un equipo si no tienes los miembros necesarios, propongo poner un boton en el listado de amigos para agregar a tu equipo, o enviar una solicitud de unirse al equipo, o hacer una invitacion quieres formar parte de mi equipo?


I would also like to see “Grudge Match” races. Instead of 2 minutes ya get 5 minutes. Losers bike is decked out with handlebar tassles, a basket on the front and training wheels for 5 days. OMG that would be awesome!


I would like to see other players placement on the world leaderboard along with their current best time in the buddy list, aint nobody got time for that (scrolling through the boards to find them)

Yeah Im not br0 with the top guys :’( :smile:


a mi me parece una buena idea


Just a translation: i think thats a good idea. (Replying to countvonksta)?


i never thought about it, but i’ve been using brown tires to represent muddy tires, so maybe a set of muddy tires, muddy decals or muddy gear? i would definitely use it.


Rims colors !!! :+1::+1:


All I saw was her booty and the word “rims” :joy: