What customization options would you like to see?


Yeah that would be sick


That sounds sweet!! Let’s do it


It should be every states top player plus some designated riders in case a top player can’t participate for any reason. I’m sure other countries can easily find 53 to 54 players and that way it can play out a little longer like the Olympics.


Sounds great but the problem is there would be a difficulty for other countries since they dont have other states in them. Keeping it at a 3 rider/per nation will maximize rider participation and it would only allow the picked three to play so that they wouldnt settle for the lesser talent. Failure to play is failure for the country. The event should be regulated in a way that it is strictly for the best of the best.


Maybe we could also add team races? Since there are groups already forming, each group would pick 5-10 of their best groupmates and duke it out with the other group for faster times. The winners I guess would receive trophies and prizes such as free limited edition gear or perhaps cash.


It doesn’t matter if other country’s don’t have states so like I said they would have no problem forming a team. The game is already set up by state or region, province and besides the top 3or4 thousand players in the world are probably not separated by more than .700 of a second for the top time. If its just 3racers all the time it will probably be the same 3racers all the time and that is boring.


You definitely have a point there. All im pointing out is if theres going to be an MSMX of nations, it would definitely have to be the best of the best. The top three for each country would be picked according to their corresponding achievements weeks prior to the event. If someone better is trying to enter the top three, he/she would have to put in the work and dethrone one of the existing top three.


I feel like this would be a really cool event. My question would be how many attempts are allowed? I think that the number of attempts should be limited, or it could be a multi-lap race with a few practice sessions leading up. Mimic the real MXON format. Hopefully this catches on…


Yeah so like 100 attempts per member of each team with track preview. I was thinking the championship track should be no lap limit but on a time limit :watch: could you imagine grinding and scrubbing for 10 straight minutes :smile: almost like fim racing style.


How about introducing store points? Where you save up to buy items like parts or a faster bike? You’d win points by how well your performance was in jam races. For ex. If you were 1-10 in the rankings youd get this much. Followed by 20-30 and so on


Good idea bro…maybe even give the option to earn an build your own bike piece by piece


One thing I would like to see is a stat for VS that shows you how many attempts it took for your opponent to beat your time or how many it took before they gave up. This would be huge so I could show @Kipketer it only took me 2 tries and he won’t minimize my wins anymore hahaha :facepunch:


Worst idea ever! :smile:


Idk if @Kipketer has told you this, but he has an UMLIMITED number of minutes! I’m sure he plays for hours on end to beat you.


Don’t hate, Appreciate kip da whimp. :joy:


Kip da Whimp. I like that.


In the part of the bike where the number is, it is usually white background and black number, all players, but who has the first place, he has to put the red background and white number. it can add that to the game.


If you beat my challenge you will receive one free taco via airmail :joy:


when you see who you follow on how they rank versus, also may be ordered by alphabetical order ??
His time when you are looking at a friend there tells you go, I suggest that there should also say compete with he now


So thats how he does it! Shit I think Ive beaten @Kipketer like 2 times! This explains it all hahah!!