What customization options would you like to see?


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Also I’ll start being more active because being a beta tester would be cool😀


Ya’ll know it not just to put Thor or Fox gear on a rider in a mobile game?
Im no game developer but my guess is that its a shitload of copyright and legal stuff to take care of before you even think of using another companies brand/logo in your game. :rocket:

And yeah, being moderator is like Birdshank said; reserved for the mega awesome, plus, we dont need more moderators until the two of us steps down :grin:


Could u guys make me a tester


This is something that you probably won’t do but I still think it’s a cool idea. You could add crates or loot boxes and what you get from them is completely randomized cosmetic gear or different part for your dirt bike. The parts could have a rarity system and the higher the rarity the cooler they look, obviously all cosmetic items because you don’t want the pay to win kinda stuff. This could be an opportunity for IAP to buy coins or gold for the loot boxes. The money from the IAP could help you guys out so you can keep up the great work for years to come!! :slight_smile:)


We are currently not looking for new testers, but when the next mx game is ready for testing, you can apply for it. Just follow mad skills motocross facebook page and theyll post when you can apply


I have an idea for the game: you build up 2 characters that you get for free. If they crash at all there will likely be an injury or even death. (I’ve killed hundreds if not thousands of dudes out there!) if he’s hurt after a crash it gives you a list of injuries and timeline till he’s back on the track again. A special race Versus where everybody is using their real dudes. They could make more money cause people would buy more dudes to get back in the “real life” series with their friends. You’d have to ride more careful and hit restart quick before a bad accident brakes him out. Players would feel the loss more deeply and replays would be hilarious when your friends guy that’s been going for a while goes down and maybe out! Haha
What do you think?


I would like to race multiplayer on jam but once I’ve posted a fast time it’s difficult and distracting to have all riders going for that same best times. Solution: randomly draw racers from all categories so you could actually get some racing on! The only way I can race with dudes now is to post a best time which is impossible with all bikes together.
Love the game!!


Does anybody know when the beta or alpha testing starts for mad skills motocross 3, I really want test it. I also read that customization will have a big part in that game which is really exciting!


Well bike 8,9,10 are basicly the same. It would be cool for the fast bikes to be a little more unique. I also think it would be badass if you guys made an option to time attack race tracks using every bike as a different category , like bike 1 fastest times and on up :sunglasses: . also if y’all could space the gas and brake button a little more haha.


I would like to see adjustments in gear ratios for tracks where you need extra low end or top end. It would make setting your bike up for each track a necessity. Maybe air pressure or shock preload and dampening adjustments as well. It’s a stretch and the physics are awesome. Just an idea…


I would like to see the option to make my bike handle like a whiskey throttle pogo stick.

Oh wait…


Hahaha… Wow! Better hang on!!!


Someone said something about MXoN style race, that would be awesome! We need to have like an olympics even where we battle it out per country. Would be rad. Only bummer is my current country I need to get a few more people to start playing.

What would be even cooler is to take the top 3 riders from each country and put them in a new bracket for that event to where there would be approx. 588 riders competing.


Im getting really tired of people just poking me and poking me all over again in versus. They should understand that im playing when i want.
Im getting tired of pokes all day and i have 440 followers. Imagine Zse with 8000 followers.
I think we should be able to turn off so people cant poke us, or have a longer cooldown.


I’d like to be able to see the last five times of each player on each jam track. This would allow each player to tell more about the actual skills of another player.


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Red plate for the national level. Top three of each country gets to rep their respective countries in the first ever MSMX of Nations. For ex. Top 1 of the US gets the number 1 plate with the letters USA printed in subscript. MSMX of Nations would be held monthly or semi-annually and would last only for a whole weekend to maximize rider participation.


Yeah same, I have about 900 followers and get poked soo much it’s getting annoying


I like that!