What customization options would you like to see?


Along with all the color customizations, I would like to see the following.

  1. As said previously, I would like to see your best time on versus trax.
  2. Brake upgrades. This is big for me.
  3. Ability to see the racers that follow you.
  4. Gearing options

Thanks for listening.
Racer name BillDont.


Hi! First time post…Not sure if this is customization but the game needs better/gory crash animations. Like limbs breaking and splatters.


II would love if we could choose more brands of gear or atleast update it to the 2017 fly styles.


2 Stroke sounds would be so cool. I ride 2 strokes, a 250 and 125, so yeah, 2 stroke sounds would be super cool. And possibly customizable graphics. :+1:t3:


I’m totally with you in the customizable graphics.


Ik think you it would be sick to have a scrub button should when u press it the bike scrubs!


Another customization I would certainly run would be a mullet hanging out of the back of my riders helmet! And or a ronnie mac character and bike!


That would be super sick.


Really cool idea.

Thanks for posting! I understand the appeal here, but my problem with getting too gory is that we’re so rooted in real-life motocross, and it’s a brutal sport. I hate to highlight the injuries that come with it too much.

We’ve tried this in the past and failed. Hopefully we get it right soon.

You’ll likely see a whip/scrub button in MSM3. :slight_smile:


Please guys… give us some more helmets and gear and bike graphics to choose from. I’ve milked it so much with the combos… you can only change your helmet between 3 styles so many times before you go cray.

No but for reals pretty please with a cherry on top can we get a mini update with some new skins?


How about a way to gift a friend, that’s struggling with Career mode, a few of our own rockets?


Or a few weeks premium if you have a tonne yourself. Good idea.


Agreed @lopey318 I wish u could do that.


So, I have noticed that some have different looking gear than what is available. Why is this?


What kinds of gear are you thinking of?


All gear you see in the game is avaible, some of them cost a few bucks though


Ya I want to new riding gear like fox or Thor or maybe even seven


How do I become moderator and beta tester


I want Troy Lee Deisgns gear will look sick and I also want better graphics on the bikes

thanks for reading!! Mad skills motocross 2 is the best


The easiest way to becoming a tester is by being active here and being awesome. The job of moderating, however, is reserved for the truly mega mecha awesome… And @Kipketer