What customization options would you like to see?


Hey @LorkyMX2 as far as m’s go I have figured out that 20 m’s equal 1 second so therefore every m is about .050. This isn’t always completely a curate cuz u can be 20 m ahead of someone but not get a scrub that they do after u finish and you may not finish exactly 1 second ahead but I’ve found it is a pretty good and close gauge using that metric


Not really “customization” but I defenalty think it would be pretty cool if the 2 stroke bikes actually sounded like 2 strokes


Not sure if it’s been suggested, but suspension mods would be awesome. Trying to ride some of the tracks with stock settings is tough and I think making suspension settings available would provide a more dynamic platform.


I think it would be good to see your average rankings for the past year. A national and state ranking. Would keep players going after a lower number


I agree changing your boot color would be amazing. And being able to change the red on the turborilla graphics would be really nice.


In versus mode I would like to see my best time for the track so I would
Know if I’m in the ballpark when putting down a challenge lap.

Or just be able to race your ghost when doing the challenge lap




Hey guys I’m new to the forum, but stoked already about the next game! Lots of great ideas on here!


Thank you for offering the topic of customization. I would forward the following ideas for consideration.

Allow for more customization of machines once clients reach the top level. I’ve beaten all the tracks and gotten all the extras and I haven’t been able to make my bike any better. Part of racing games that makes them enjoyable is modding out the machines. When I raced actively, this was part of the experience. So being able to modify the top end bikes with new suspension, exhaust, airflow, tire selection, weight savings, fuel mixture, engine low end and top end, gearing and torque would make the game more complicated and challenging.

Allow for more variable track conditions and soil types. The track conditions and soil types seem the same across all the levels and tracks. Imagine if there were sand sections, hardpack and mud as well as the general track conditions and soil. This also creates an opportunity for some intense racing as track conditions may not just favor speed, but also technique and bike set up(if we’re able to customize the bikes).

Allow for some really high speed motard type tracks the combine asphalt, concrete and dirt. There could also be hill climbing, trials or downhill courses that would be exciting. We could customize the bikes for the different types of challenges.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


I hope the physics of the game stay the same, took a long time to get halfway decent at it and wouldn’t want to start over. More customizable riding gear would be cool and I would love if the bike was on the rev limiter when in the air and on the gas not just when your about to endo. Overall my favorite game hands down. Keep up the great work.


More gear, more bike skins, more colors… ability to change number plate background color, etc. Stuff like that would be very cool and I think easy to put out with each update, making the game feel fresh all the time.


It would be nice on Versus Mode to see your best time when racing another opponent to try and beat your personal best!


mad skills should have an update where you can have pro bikes (like dungey or Carmichael, Tomac etc.) and you should be able to choose bikes like Kawasaki or Honda or Ktm etc. instead of just the orange, green, and red etc.


I would love to see more complex bike graphics. I think it would bestow a more personalized gaming experience. Additionally I would like to thank the creators of MSMC2 for creating the ability to allow ideas from the community to influence it’s rendition. Thank you!

Msmc2 username: xX-ichigo-Xx
I’m always playing, send a vs invite my way or try to keep up on the jam races.


Not necessarily a customization option, but I would like to be able to see, at least the player names of who are following me so that I may follow back.


I would like to have jam tracks show up as map packs


seriously, this would be huge, i requested this before in an email a while back as well


Great idea: You know how on the “versus” main page you can click on your profile and it shows your stats and bike and rider?

What if on the customization page you could customize your rider’s clothes with any logo you want, and the rider’s gender, race, and that stuff. You wouldn’t see it when you’re riding/racing, but you and other people can see it when they look at your profile.


+1 for suspension. I wouldn’t think an option just for like stiffness would be too hard. Rebound would be sweet too


I think it would be cool in the regular Jam weeks to have a category of Fastest First Attempt. I didnt know what discussion this belonged in or if it was already mentioned, but anyways i think it would be interesting to see how fast people are at their first try on some tracks. Thanks, Steve R.