What customization options would you like to see?


Yeah, I guess so. If you ever notice it, it should show up on every restart, though. Next time you see it, don’t finish the track until you’ve shown your brother!

It better not have been!


I’m from mass so the pats are my team, it’s easy to be hated when your so good. That’s why my wife hates msmx2.lol


Well I’m a Steelers fan, so I have to hate the Patriots. It’s a fan requirement. :slightly_smiling:


The only team I hate is whatever one Peyton manning is on :joy:


Please add individual plastic colors! I would love to have a yellow bike with black side number plates and a black back fender. Maybe you could do number colors? Or a black frame?


Hey guys im new to the forum, and definitely diggin these ideas! I have a few of my own…
-Was thinking that different number fonts, more like the mx and sx teams numbers they run. Being able to choose from a few more would be awesome.
-Also i believe the roost that comes off the back tires could be a little more realistic. Maybe have little to no roost off the front tire, it begins to look two wheel drive.
-another idea would be maybe having the option to have mxon style plates? So you can rep your country or maybe even your state? Along with this one if you are a top 10 rider of your state maybe something to set your rider apart for the next weeks jam? And its something you would run for that week and if you happen to fall out of the top 10 ranking you would lose it and have to re-earn.




Welcome, Steve – I’m stoked you accepted my invitation. There are some great ideas here, but probably my favorite is:

I don’t know that it would work all that well in MSM2, just because the bikes are so small, but in the next MX game, they’ll be much bigger on various menus and in different situations. Really cool idea here.


I would really like if we could change color of the rims and the boots and some sponsor stickers on the racing gear and the dirt bike and also different number fonts. And also bike graphic color customization


Oh yeah being able to change the seat color independently of the bike color too. And to change each color of the graphics. Pretty much anything you can customize on a real bike.


suspension settings!!! in the topic for the new game, sand tracks/ sections was an option. everytime I go riding on different soil have to change tires and add some clicks to the forks/ rear suspension.
so havin said this. I think it would be really cool if you could earn different forks & suspension.
maybe adjustable or just dif ones with dif setups


Troggable two stroke/four stroke sound.


With what Monroe is saying I think it would be cool if their would be any way possible to get stock graphics like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, and Kawasaki. I think that would be cool. Even if you could have their graphics but change the name so it wouldn’t be copyright. Like with Yamaha name it Kamaha and with Honda name it Conda. I don’t know 100% on this idea just thought it would be neat.


Not sure if its been said already, didn’t see anything about it anywhere. How about a way to see everyone who follows you, instead of how many.


The more options the better I think. More riding gear options, helmet/helmet graphic options, colors, bike graphics options, being able to change colors on specific components like seats, fork guards, etc etc . The coolest I think would be able to choose which brand your bike is. Have it where the bike brand options look like the manufacturer.


How about a one start race versus. Like real life. With multiple racers art one time like jam


Good thinking. We actually have a game mode very similar to this planned for our next MX game. :slight_smile:


The possibility of different gear of different brands or manufacturers for the riders and bike part mods that would increase power, affect handling or susoension, and adjustment of gear ratios for quicker acceleration or higher top speed. I know that’s a lot of work but would allow more personalized colustomization creating a more diverse range of bikes. Each player could set their bike up to their liking and I think that would tighten up the competition. Probably not a realistic possibility but it’s a thought.


It would make versus a little funner if you could challenge your friends with any of the bikes and it automatically picked that bike for them or you. Than you would have to know all the lines for every bike.


I would like to be able to pick multiple peoples ghosts to race, so I can pick my own ghost as well as a couple friends when racing jam.

On multiple lap tracks have a laptime for every lap, it would make judging each lap easier.

When your racing someone show how far behind them in time you are instead of meters because the meters is not relevant, its your time that you care about. If I’m .1 seconds behind someone I want to know that, not whether im 2 meters because I have no idea what that correlates to.

Being able to see who is following you so you can follow them back.

Being able to send people messages in game

More stats on jam races such as average speed, total back wheel time, throttle, braking, air time.

Ability on versus to collect winnings but not be forced to set next track time immediately.

In cash races, after the race is over provide the name of the track so you can go practice it if you want.

Overall stat/leaderboard with rankings for all jam weeks combined.

More rewards for leveling up, good jam races and versus, just in general much more cool stuff added regularly to keep your interest.


Nice post Lorky, I sense some (most) of your wishes might come true in the next MX game :slight_smile:
But not in MSMX2