What customization options would you like to see?


I created a topic about adding a cumulative Best Time for versus. I’m hoping more people will like it, so that they will eventually add it to the game! I added a link for easy liking :slight_smile:


Thanks for update. You guys are awesome.:ok_hand:


Where’s my Santa helmet, lost it a while back and was really looking forward to this update. Cmon I know you have it @OnTheFrontLine


According to the shop, play on Christmas and you get it :slight_smile:


where is the christmas helmet.
can not find anything with me


It only unlocks if you play on the 24th or 25ft


under helmets,
there are only 3 watch
no christmas helmet in sight.


Itll come, dont worry. When did you last update your app btw


where new update came out immediately.


So a couple of days ago?


Yes I have


Yea, it dont show for me either, i was wondering how justins was showing up. Will it be put in later?


Nice, been waiting so long


itsits in store naw


Does that have any of you.

I would get one of them.
but would like to see how they look like that.
Can someone show me a picture of the new driver?
Danke im voraus …




The shit I do for you assholes…


Hey bud, one image didnt load, can you put in a little more work plz :wink: hopefully you didnt delete all the pictures :joy:


Think this’ll work. And yes, that code takes you to the same, last img


Yeah I know… I couldnt get it to work and ran out of care


Have y’all considered adding rim color?