What customization options would you like to see?


Man that would be sick. Then a place to up/download other peoples tracks to test and outrun other times, :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Desperately waiting for a track builder :slight_smile:


Yeah i know how you all feel, but just be patient. Theres most likely coming one along with msmx3


Ok so idk if this has been said before but i’d really like to check my followers. the more top times you post the more followers you get and it would be cool to see whos following who and even be able to check other peoples followers! and maybe have a messaging system so it’s easier to talk to people. its hard to get a hold of somebody unless they accept your vs. race and they decide to follow you back AND hope they have their taunts not blocked, you know? just an idea for msmx3…


I think a cool customization would be to add smoke from the bike and color it with pro colors or normal colors, i dont know if anyone has already thought of this but yeah please consider it haha
cheers for reading this


I agree with all this


do u agree with me haha


haha yeah yours would be cool to see too


I kinda wanna see the option to completely block someone in game, this guy has been sending me versus challenges. As it’s obvious that he’s not on the same bike and not on the same skill level i keep deleting his challenges cause such an uneven match-up isn’t fun for anyone. He’s already sent me a challenge like 4 times in the past few days. I wish i could just block his challenges so i don’t keep getting notifications of a versus that i don’t wanna race anyways.


I just want red number plates please :ok_hand:t3: Maybe more color options and the ability the change the color of graphics and helmets. Maybe a black frame or the ability to change it to any color?


Yea I want to block ppl As an option. Also in the replays I would like the option to see or not to see the buttons clicked will playing. I think it could help me learn more seeing faster people play and watching the controls they use


I think the red number plate should go with jam races so it could change depending on who’s faster. Maybe by who’s first in the state or world. And you get it the whole week after you earn it and when the new week comes out it might change


C’mon Dutchie! give the guy a chance! You might actually come out as a winner of that challenge​:+1::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d love to see red plates!
Ohh and I’d love to see the black plates (for free), say like “Finish top 50 overall in a jam week to unlock the black plates” (why do they even cost money cmon guys!) :joy::+1::+1:


I think we shud have all colors number plates dat way we can keep make entire bike same color…


Would be sikkkkk!


Pit Bike Class?


I know how it feels I’ve received about 8 challenges from fellow people from my state that have like bike 5 or something, I assume its because I’m always first in the state :sunglasses::smirk:


What if you could change the numberplate color to any color, or putting different colors on different plastic parts. Adjust the holeshot device, tyres, suspension, top speed or top acceleration, exhaust, hand guards, if possible put a gopro on the helmet, have your own sponsors, and make your own graphics kits, decide to have a kick starter on the bike -so if you crash in the race you can continiue by dragging a button down the screen to start it- thats what came up in my mind, i have not bothered to read anything here yet so i don’t know if anything here is said before but whatever :joy:


Sponsors should go along with, and you can earn them once you get better