What customization options would you like to see?

In an ideal world, what customization options would you like to see in a Mad Skills MX game? Extra points for unique ideas we haven’t thought of! If somebody posts an idea you like, give it a like so we know it’s popular.


I know this would never happen. But being able to choose a section of the track to practice. I know it’s part of the challenge, and I like that but sometimes I just wish to be able to try out a section to perfect it. Some tracks have very challenging end section. And in 500 attempts you might only make it to that part a handful of times.

Also, being able to compare your own replay with anyone else’s. Same way the Top 3 each week are posted on Facebook.

Track editor like the PC version had. Let us upload our tracks so other people can play them. Have random weeks where the most popular tracks could be used in Jam.

Top players get some special reward, right now top 10% get redbull helmet, make something for top 1%. Red plate? Graphics kit? Or maybe just #1 in each state (U.S.) gets a crown over their picture.

Being able to change boots and gloves color independently.

Keep it simple as MSMX2 is now. Physics and gameplay are great.


I think just being able to change more of the colors on the bikes and riders would be awesome! Like @nclark338 said above being able to change boot and glove color independently would be awesome. And to add to that, change fork guard, seat cover, and frame color would be sick! And maybe be able to change the specific colors of the graphics too. Like the turbozilla graphics adds some red to the bike, we should be able to change that red to any color


I think it would be really cool to be able to get small stickers on your bike for different achievements nothing flashy, almost like how a military man has small tri- colored patches on the breast of there coat. Also there would be a legend or key to show what each one represent. For example, place first in your state in jam, or reach level 100 in versus, complete career 100% stuff like that


Exceptional feedback, @nclark338!

Don’t be so sure! One of the lead devs just pinged me today saying that he’s been thinking about this very idea for a while now. We’re in the process of planning our next MX game and you can bet we’ll be discussing this more.

That’s another idea that has promise.

This won’t happen in MSM2 I don’t think, but I’ll be more than shocked if it isn’t a core feature in our next motocross game.

Again, man, you are tuned in with us. We’re considering exactly these types of ideas for the next MX game.

We think we can improve some elements of gameplay, but the physics are pretty spot on. I know some people bum about the wheelie thing, but the fact is, it’s one of the elements that allows for endless improvement in the game.

Thanks so much for taking the time to give us this excellent feedback! Stoked to have you on this forum, and I hope you stick around.


I think we need truly extensive customization options so that every player can easily create a unique identity in our games. You can pretty much count on this in the next MX game.

Hey, @Steve-ox! Really stoked to have you on this forum with us. We have plans to do these types of awards in the next MX game, but I had never considered actually adding them to the bikes. Wouldn’t work on the current game because they’re so small, but we have ideas to feature customized bikes pretty much full-screen in some areas of the next MX game, and your idea could be great for that. It will absolutely be considered. Thanks, man!


I’m all about customization and bettering the game but in the next game I think keeping the basics the same is key, mainly I men control options and physics, there are so many players who are committed like myself and if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I think focusing exactly on what your talking about is good as far as bikes , maybe background and other things but I think 95% of us want the overall feel of the game to be the same


I think being able to fully customize your bike and rider would make the game a lot more fun. I think you should be able to customize the color of: rims, each piece of plastic individually, forks, swingarm (separate from the frame), frame, clutch cover, exhaust, numbers, number plate backgrounds, boots, helmet, and goggles. I also think that there should be more graphics options. And one funny thing would be to make stupid helmets, like a pumpkin or a sloth wrapped around your head. And of course the track editor would be amazing!


You have nothing to worry about here. MSM2 has shortcomings, but physics and gameplay aren’t among them. We can make major improvements to this game without screwing with what makes it so fun.

Excellent feedback, thanks. Keep it coming. Ideas like this will absolutely have an impact on what we do in the future.

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I’m glad yall put this forum up so that we have a chance to give you feedback. I’m even more impressed that you guys actually respond on here. Thanks!


So what are the inspiration for the names of the tracks?? It would be cool to have a topic explaining the meaning, I know some are just name but some seem like the have a deeper meaning, like bc I was inverted

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have you seen the movie Top Gun? :smirk:

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I was born in 84 so yes I’ve seen top gun, and now it makes perfect sense. But this is exactly y I suggested this. It’s cool to know stuff like that!!

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I’m actually really stoked to see this request! So many of our track names came from specific things, as you said.

Here are a few examples:

In Career/Novice, KC Forever is a tribute to Kurt Caselli, a top off-road racer who died in the Baja 1000 in 2013.

On a lighter note, in the same division of tracks, Huggins Fury is a tribute to the coach of the basketball team I cheer for, the West Virginia University Mountaineers. His name is Bob Huggins and he’s a firecracker.

In Career/Expert, High Zenberg is a play on the main character in the TV show Breaking Bad.

In the same division, Ashes to Ashes is a tribute to the David Bowie song of the same name.

In Career/Master, Welch Way is named for our resident track-building ace, Joe Welch.

In the same division, Chandelier is a tribute to the pop song by Sia.

In Career/Pro, Ramble On is inspired by the Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

In the same division, Dark Star is inspired by the Grateful Dead song of the same name.

In Career/Top Jams, Nowheresville is inspired by the obscure song of the same name by an artist known as A Man Called E. He’s the front man of a less obscure indie band called Eels.

All Starman tracks are named after NASA space missions.



That’s awesome, I’m glad I mentioned it. Also note worthy but fairly obvious when Star Wars came out there was dark side and use the force, and one of my favorite tracks was breaking mad. I know I’m not crazy but is the breaking bad rv in some tracks and then isn’t anymore??

It’s an easter egg. Randomly shows up, rarely.


Here are where some of my Jam track names came from…

Funslinger = Neversummer snowboard I just got. Name sounded fun and its a Fun board!
Last Exit
Given to Fly = these 3 are Pearl Jam songs.
Teamwork = a track Joe made half of and I made other half.
Macaru = I bought a Subaru and a new macbook the same week. Together they = Macaru
Time Flies = Times flies when your having fun.
Milkshake = because milkshake are awesome, and I seen that someone said that it would be a good track name : )
Rocky = Well you know… Rocky Balboa
I’m in trouble = Because I was in trouble for playing on the computer by my wife while building the track :confused:
Shark Island = song name of a friends punk band he is in.
Godwin Gap = is named by the designer of the track. After his name :+1:


Awesome! Thanks for posting, @rcboxer!

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So will it show up and then not be there in a replay? I saw it on the straight rhythm track and went to show my brother the replay and couldn’t find it

And now I’m really happy I asked about the track names…was patriot for the new England Patriots?