WC track pack discussion


How are people doing with the wc track pack? Anyone aced many?
I can’t even beat bruiser on FEVER
That track is a pig


I rocketed through all of them.


i think ive aced em all


shaaaaat up


me too lmao


@Bragstad you are the ace on some of them :scream:


I kinda forgot that i hadn’t even finished all of them yet :joy: now that you created this post i have though :grinning: haven’t tried to ace any but I’m pretty sure that would take either rockets or a shitload of time :joy:


I don’t use rockets. Have done fever now though


Whoops I did it again is the best track ever :slight_smile:


You sir, are a masochist.


hahah yeah i noticed that too, so wierd :stuck_out_tongue:


I rocketed through fever


Had already a hard time to beat slip and slide :smiley: dont think I beat more so far


“Fever” is a godamn “fever track” for sure ! Oh my!