Waiting...for the new bikes

Zse must be on tour lol Bell and bender must be happy lol

Ya I know, I’m ZEN_SOKUDO77

All the times I’ve checked this forum and seen you I never new it was you

Wait really?

And what does the cake by my name mean?



It’s not even close to my birthday…

Yo quit poking me in game…I work 7 days a week an don’t have much time for races or I’ma poke you in the eye with a pool stick with fresh chalk on it…trust me it hurts lol I’ll try an do the race later.

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my bad it i have a setting that auto pokes i will turn that off. @THR_KingKnobby

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i strongly believe that a setting like that does not exist

I agree…would be pointless like a soup sandwich. I do believe there is a deflower button but it requires manual poking with a little hint of confidence and has nothing to do with turborilla …ripp on that button it’s way funner.

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Can’t poke what’s not there lol

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What happened

Not sure lol, it’s just a bug

I think I like it

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crashed into this hole few weeks back an the bike stayed there while my riders body was off in heaven somewhere floating endlessly.


THR_KingKnobby can I send you a verses challenge to see one of my favorite players of all time​:cold_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::hot_face:

Whoa! Wait wait waaaaiit!! Are you saying you don’t know what the gas button is?.. it’s the red circle and your welcome.:grin: