Waiting...for the new bikes

Haven’t played in so long an now seeing there is a bike 12 & 13…I feel outgunned temporarily but how do these bikes compare to bike 11 overall?

Bike 11 basically has the speed of bike 10 compared with bike 13

:unamused::unamused: ok

bike 11 sucks compared on speed but it still scrubs easier. bike 13 is way better tho

@THR_KingKnobby you got bike 13 yet?

I don’t even have bike 12 yet lol I missed a day out of the 7 days required 100 daily jam attempts…2 weeks in a row now. FML :sweat_smile:


Have bike 12 now lol

you should get bike 13 with it because they have the same challenges to get it. but that’s good your not that far behind. bike 13 is an animal though.

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Well with bike 12 so far I’m no where close to my old ranks in the 2,000’s range.

yeah i was 13th now i’m 100 and something. my name is DTR_RIPPS is yours the same as your forum username? @THR_KingKnobby

Yeah it’s the same

ok i will send you a versus. @THR_KingKnobby

About my normal rank lol gotta get used to bike 13 now

oof yeah bike 13 is much different its a beast.

I hate both of these tracks …feels like an episode of jackass.

yep the loophill rerun sucks

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That track makes me want to throw my phone at someone’s head


yep same here

this is DTR_RIPPS btw @WFO_SOKUDO-77