Video does not run smoothly most of the time

New to the site. Have been playing the game for over 3 years. Had to restart at bike 1 at one point. But all the achievements, gear and helmets remained unlocked. Now most of the time the video doesn’t play smoothly. May leave off a jump and next thing I know I am already on the ground. All seamed to have started after the last update before Xmas. Have a HTC one max phone. All other games including bmx 2 operate flawlessly. Any help is appreciated

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We’ve had some reports about this but it isn’t something that I’ve managed to reproduce myself on the devices we have in the office.

Could you try downloading the newest version 2.6.6 that I released today? (if you can’t find it then try again in a couple of hours)

The last version had to be build with some experimental stuff included which could have had some impact on performance. The new version is hopefully better.

Get a iPhone bro

don’t start a flamewar now :stuck_out_tongue:

it should work on android devices too


Lol, its been working just fine for me, even before this new update on a galaxy s5