Versus on Bmx not working

I have gone back and forth with Bjorn on messages through the game. Versus is still not working for me. I sent out a challenge on every track and have not gotten back a single challenge. ( going on a month now ) Bjorn blamed it on my being top level and bikes. It is yet to be fixed. I am a dedicated player as well as paying premium member. This has been going on since it started. I already had to wait for bmx on android so there are a lot of people way ahead of me from the apple version so I dont like being told BS excuses. This needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed NOW! No more excuses. Please dont patronize me with more BS excuses. The versus is my favorite part of the motocross game that works just fine. Please let me know when this can be fixed.

Chill out dude haha if there actually is a problem with versus im sure theyre working on fixing it…if its just a thing thats only happening for you, theres probably just nothing they can do about it :man_shrugging:

Game released on both at the same time btw so if this is your excuse for people being ahead of you you might wanna reconsider the whole BS excuses statement :sweat_smile::joy:

First off I read online it was available on apple devices before android. If not I stand corrected. Second I’m not making excuses, Bjorn is making the excuse that I am “one of the few” that have all maxed bikes so they cant match me up to someone to challenge. I cant possibly be the only one at level 50 and all maxed bikes is all I’m saying. So thank you for being a dick and not understanding my frustration with a game I enjoy and just want to work especially if I’m a paying customer as well. Try actually reading what I wrote again and quit assuming shit. I’ve searched a little deeper on here and found someone else with the same exact problem so that tells me it is the game programming.

Have you tried racing friends? Cause if the bike thing is true and its just a matchmaking problem your friends should be able to just race you back no problem if you specifically send them the challenge right?
Now as far as me being “a dick”…all im saying is theres nicer ways to report a problem than coming in here screaming you need a fix NOW and no more BS excuses…believe me the devs of this game take complaints about sfuff not working pretty serious

I emphasize NOW after waiting a month in frustration and the lack of communication from the messaging I’ve been doing through the game . I dont have any friends that play this game. Like I just previously stated, I found someone else on here with the same issue just
they just worded it differently. So it must be something in the programming.

A “friend” in the game is just someone you follow…
Have you tried to send a challenge to someone you follow…???

Just Curious

Not sure on how the random challenges are sent but if someone receives a random challenge they can delete it without playing it…(??) at that point not sure if the challenge dissolves or is put back in the hopper and sent out again.

Just figured that out today. Sent out a couple challenges. Got one from you. No way I can beat you but worth the challenge. Lol. I’ll get better.

Haha believe now that there werent BS excuses? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aaand, to clarify the android - ios thing, bmx1 was only released in ios, not on android, but it was a completely different games, from mechanics and such, so it was no benefit for ios users as such.