Versus mode on MSMX 3

Hi everybody… I’ve been waiting, as many others, for the verius mode (friends mode) in msmx3. But when it’s open, we realice that is not the same that it was on msmx2. You need to be conected at the same time to play with a friend, and you didn’t get any warning or banner or something when a friend challenges you. We miss the old versus mode: 2 minutes for a track and then sending the time to challwnge your friend. It’s going to be like now forever?

Thank you in advance. By the way, the other parts of this new msmx3 are f***ing amazing! Thanks for that!

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I preferred the old style a bit better too.
Live races are cool in theory but it’s a bit of a pain to do in actual practice.

Exactly. Live races are very nice, but ther is no way to know if someone is challenging you. So you need to talk with your friend out of the game to meet in the game. That’s the point.