Versus and Bike level etiquette

Ok, is there a given etiquette? Do you switch to the bike of your opponent? Or stay with bike 10? I used to switch ll he time but it became a pain in the ass to try and remember who had what bike. Now I have some race buddies (rb) I race with bike 1,2 or 3 even though we have bike 10. Its all good fun. But then there are whiners with bike 8 or 9 moaning about me having bike 10. For some of those I dont switch as want them to get bike 10 and its a good motivation as some have done it only to figure out that fast guys are fast guys no matter what bike they have.

Nowdays I dont switch as I cant keep up with my challenges as it is so if somebody gets wound up about it and quits its no skin off my back.

What say yuz gyz?

I say if your agreed on switching bikes to race certain people then do it
but if your just racing someone and they don’t have bike ten then they need
to get bike 10 or stop crying. jmo


I think it would be cool if, when each time the challenges are recorded, the game would automatically open a dialog to select which bike the challenge is to use. Then when you answer the challenge you’re automatically set with that bike. Or the closest bike level available.

Something like that might actually get me playing Versus mode more often. Putting aside the other issues that keep me from it.

But as far as etiquette, when I do play it, no one has ever even bothered to message, taunt or ask me to switch so I just use bike 10.

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The downside of switching is that running a track with bike 10 is a completely different line or race than with bike 7 or 8. For the most part bike 9 is very competitive with 10. I mean nobody likes loosing, iget it. We have all had those guys we just cant beat. I would bet 1/3 of my losses come from 1 guy. Jgoodin, that rat bastid is an absolute beast and a good dude to boot. It would be nice to be able to switch at race time for guys that you want to switch for. Maybe a bike match button.


I think bike 8 is the more competitive although I never really used bike 9 too much because I unlocked 9&10 at the same time. I’ve beat a lot of people that was using bike 10 when I had bike 8.

I play with what I got and never had any problems with opponents who had another bike. Didnt even know it could be a problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I only play my “so called friends” from the forum, and they all have bike 10


I tried to talk a few of my friends into doing some bike 1 races, but at this point they or either illiterate or they do not want to do bike 1 races.

Bike 1 races are fun. One of my challenges and I did that for a good 75 races once. Haha


what @Rahuah suggested above would be really nice, however i never paid attention to bike differences in versus, if someone can’t keep up he would just delete the challenge and the same applied to me when i was working my way up ranks and bikes.

however we can always work something out with friends, like there is this guy from NY that i’ve been racing and chatting with for a really long time, because of level differences we agreed that the winner is no longer who finishes first instead he will be the one who manages to pull the most flips during the race :smile:

here is the last race we had (sweet combo at the end)
most of the time they are hilarious, and btw pulling most flips in some terrains is a skill of its own that requires a lot of time to master.

i think if both opponents are above 18 and there is consent from both parties any thing can be worked out :joy:
in the end this game is all about having fun besides i’ve got other players that keeps me on my toes when it comes to competitiveness @Kipketer @51Ce :smiling_imp:


Watch out now Kip is gonna try to do MORE flips against you, flippin’ flipper!

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haha, don’t worry mate i think i can handle any thing that gets thrown at me…hopefully :sweat_smile:

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