Version 2.0.8 Android not starting?

We have gotten a few support request that seem to indicate that there’s an issue with the version.

We haven’t been able to see anything in our crash-logs or the like to indicate any actual issue.

If you have an issue, please tell us!

We especially want to know if:
Android or iOS?
Free space on device?

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Yes there is a launch issue with Mad Skills BMX 2. On android and have have 24.5 GB free. On Samsung Note 8. Will not go past the loading screen at all. Turned phone off and on. Checked to see if an update for phone which there is none. Tried using wifi and mobile data. Still not working


same here, not starting with the latest version. I have an Android Phone with 60GB free. Phone is up to date. Empty cache has no effect.

Could you try clearing the game data?

As in delete and reinstall? That I have done as well.

Could I have a screenshot of the screen that it gets stuck on?

Open app and this is far as it get

Deleted it again and reinstalled and working… cheers for your help guys.

No this has not fixed the issue at all. Once I close the app and then try to reopen same issue. So to get around this I have to delete and then reinstall the app. Seriously has to be a better way. Same issue just hangs on the loading screen.

Reinstall the game.
Login via Facebook
Login via Google Play
Reinstall the game
Login via Google Play

We just figured out what was wrong (Being logged in through Facebook at app-start), hopefully we’ll be able to figure out a nicer fix soon enough.


Same problem, getting stuck att the loading screen!

Samsung S8

Having problems with android also. Logs in to the country screen and won’t go any further only has Sweden as an option.

Download latest version, Google decided to gut our package when we swapped to their new format… We uploaded in the old format again and now it should work. Might need another reinstall (Well, clear Data was enough for me)

Bonsoir , mon application a complètement buguer j’ai perdu toute ma progression je suis retombé à zéro… et chose bizarre j’ai toutes mes motos verrouillé sauf la 8,9,10 et 11 ainsi que les couleurs pro alors que je suis retombé au niveau zéro en versus… quelqu’un pourrait m’en dire plus svp merci